Tristan Ianiero

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Tristan Ianiero
Tristan Ianiero.jpg
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthdate August 25, 2004
Nationality Canadian
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Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
School Grade 11th (21/22)
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
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Friends Kamri Peterson
Mackenzie Ziegler
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Tristan Ianiero (born on August 25, 2004) is a young Canadian dancer who was a pro on Dancing with the Stars Juniors Season 1. He was both the Mini Male Best Dancer at the 2015 Dance Awards, and Junior Male Best Dancer in 2017.

He dances at his mother studio, Art & Soul Dance Company in Ontario, Canada along with his sister, fellow dancer, Aysia Ianiero. His favorite styles are jazz and hip hop, but he also does contemporary.

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