Tayah Bonney

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Tayah Bonney

Gender Female
Age 23
Birthdate August 17, 2000
Nationality American
Hometown Florida
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Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
School Grade Class of 2018
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Affiliations World of Dance
Dance Studios Dance Arts by Maria, Inc.
Stars Dance Studio
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Friends and Family
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Friends Andrea Pombo
Diana Pombo
Vivian Ruiz
Paige Hyland
Brooke Hyland
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Tayah Bonney (born on August 17, 2000) is a dancer from Florida, who trains at Stars Dance Studio.

Dances[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Solos[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Competition Place Awards
2014 I Have Nothing BravO (Fort Myers) 10th in Teen Solos
2015 The Way You Make Me Feel BravO (Fort Myers) 6th in Teen Solos
Showmanship Excellence
I'm Through StarQuest (Lakeland) 18th in Teen Solos
2016 Time Flies The Dance Awards (Orlando) Top 21 for Female Best Dancer
Class Scholarship Winner
Stay Contemporary ADC IBC Gold
Aurora Variation Contemporary ADC IBC Silver
Variation from La Bayadere Contemporary ADC IBC Gold
Consequences Contemporary ADC IBC Gold
JUMP (Miami) 7th in Teen Solos
Shake the Ground (Fort Myers) 1st in Senior Solos
The Dance Awards (Orlando) Top 21 for Female Best Dancer
Class Scholarship Winner
2017 The Return Contemporary UBC (Miramar) 1st in Senior Solos
Paquita Variation Classical UBC (Miramar) 8th in Senior Solos

Dance Titles[edit | edit source | hide]

Runner-Up Titles[edit | edit source | hide]

4th Runner-Up for Contemporary Women’s Division ABC IBC 2016
1st Runner-Up for Contemporary Women’s Division YAGP 2017
ASH Apprentice

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Tayah Bonney/Gallery

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