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Tatiana McQuay

Gender Female
Age 20
Birthdate August 30, 2003
Nationality Canadian
Hometown Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Height 5'3"
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
School Grade {{{school grade}}}
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Dance Teacher
Fitness Trainer
Martial Artist
Affiliations Manager Shanelle Gray
AKA Talent Agency
Bloc LA
The Osbrink Agency
L2M Girl Group
IT Singing Duo
5150 Productions
Dance Studios Bojangles Dance Studio
IMMA Space (2017-present)
Titles see below
Friends and Family
Parents Michelle De Maria McQuay (mother, fitness guru)
Stan McQuay (father, professional bodybuilder)
Janelle Ginestra-Adams (Mama Beast)
William Ginestra-Adams (Papa Beast)
Siblings Kai Jaydon McQuay
Zen McQuay
Friends Lily Chee
Tahani Anderson
Gabe De Guzman
Nia Frazier‎‎
Mackenzie Ziegler
Brooke Hyland
Paige Hyland
Sofie Dossi
Pets 1 dog (Rockit)
Nicknames Tati

Tatiana "Tati" McQuay (born on August 30, 2003 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) is a multi-talented Canadian professional actress, dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, fitness trainer, singer, model and a Tang Soo Do master with Mexican and Italian roots living in Los Angeles, CA.

Tati has performed live with major artists including Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson, and Meghan Trainor, to name a few. She is a hard core "Belieber", a Justin Bieber fan, with tons of posters of him in her room, and when there was a submission on YouTube by Justin's choreographer Nick DeMoura 'Post your video online to get a chance to perform with Justin live on stage' she applied hearttending.[1] Of course, there were thousands of applications and she applied for LA, was facing a hell of competition. She was waiting about a month for the call. Finally her mom got it and when saw on phone her mom was calling. she instantly broke out into tears, because she knew what that means. So Tati performed on the sold out 41,445 tickets show at Stables Center on March 23, 2016 live on stage with Justin together with her friend Gabe De Guzman and two other kid dancer talents, got introduced to the crowd by the mega-star himself - "Give it up for Tati!" and Tati was melting.[2] She is seeing this as her biggest highlight of her entire dance career. She worked also three times with Meghan Trainor. Performed on her dance video "No Excuses", with her on the Disney Music Awards and once together with Meghan and Matt Steffanina. She also performed with Janet Jackson live on stage on her Unbreakable World Tour in 2015. She had also the opportunity to dance in a masterclass with TLC to What About Your Friends by DanceOn [3]

As dancer she appeared on the Dance-Off Juniors (Eps.11) reality show in 2016. On Disney's Zombies 2: The Collab short video, Johnny Orlando & Mackenzie Ziegler: What If music video, The Missy Elliot Tribute short film by playing young Alyson Stoner. [4]

She has already an impressive non-dance related acting career. Regarding IMDb, she stars on upcoming drama and romance movie The Lies I Tell Myself by director and writer Tati Vogt.[5] She starred in 2017 with her L2M girl group own YouTube Red show called Hyperlinked[6], playing the role of Izzy in ten episodes. In same year she played young Lexi in Cody & Lexy TV Series on four episodes[7]. Had a guest appearance on Sawyer Sharbino TV show, appeared on the Valkyrie Awards[8], was on three episodes of Teens Wanna Know talk-show and documentary and many short videos like ChannelAlexis2k6 video.

One of her biggest goals in next years is getting an action role on a movie. She is highly trained in martial arts and other fighting sports. She wants to be like Wonder Woman or similar, a superhero and doing her own stunts. She loves to become an all-around performer. She is big fan of Gal Gadot and wants to be like her. Gal was e.g. a member of the Israel Special Forces during her military service. The well-fortified Tati got black belt in Tang Soo Do herself at Nov 2017 at the age of 13.[9] So when she is flying on Sunset Boulevard over your head or something like that... relax! She is just practicing for the next Marvel auditions. She also a fan of Jennifer Lopez and is impressed being at same time a real person, a mom and killing it on a show as dancer and performer. She is also keen to work with Selena Gomez one day [10] and other celebrity crushes of her are Billy Eilish and Shawn Mendes, she got invited to meet Shawn backstage and she did. But she is just plan on staying busy and doing what she loves.

Tati was starring in national commercials for companies such as Toyota, Macy’s, and McDonald’s, as well as for Disney.

She was modeling for C H I C K, Call It Spring, Elvn, Fashion Nova and GymShark. Of course, a lot of people have a crush on hot Tati and she likes it to feed them with tons of hot selfies. Especially Tati has changed a lot in the last years and people who remembered her by her teenager pictures should check her out on social media first. She was experiencing a little Mozart effect, because an huge part of her business was child or teenager acting and singing. - You had been such a cute, little, adorable protegé. What happened to you? - I'm just growing up. My only crime. - And the coronavirus shutdowns, lookdowns and quarantines didn't make it easier.

Tati got homescooled. She was in a regular school until seventh grade. When she wasn't in school for some reasons her teachers brought the homework on set (what a service). She finds homeschooling easier for her job, but somehow she missed regular, especially when she is watching her younger brothers. She was in her last, senior year in high school in 2021.

She started dancing at home in Canada when she was two years old. When she went first time in a dance studio she did know she was actually too young by a couple months, because minimal age to take classes was four. But she felt she was meant to do this and pretended to be a couple months older, so no one stopped the kid and no one noticed it until she was four. At the age five, when she was going home, she found a little book "One day I going to move to Hollywood." and made a picture of it. So she thinks she is exactly where she should be now and everything happens for a reason. Tatiana danced competitively at the Bojangles Dance Arts Studio in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Later at the age of seven, she moved actually to LA with her mom and two younger brothers, because her dad worked in LA and her parents had too much long distance flights and they decided moving all together to the world capitol of industry dancers. It was destiny for Tati, and she continued dancing in LA at "The Rage" dance complex. She was dreaming these days to get on TV shows, but had no thoughts about the process how to get there. Then she was discovered at the Rage by some managers and agents as talent and started first time doing an audition - for a Toyota Prius commercial. That's how her career started, because she ended up booking it and started learning about the industry process when she was eight and was very optimistic at that time. "Yeah, next audition and I'll get it!". But then she started realizing "Your began a luck" (Karate Kid) and not getting every audition. She deals with the lot of "No"-s by following the advice of her parents and is growing with the challenge. But she admits, it was hard for her at the beginning, when she was younger and didn't understand the reasons behind this and got sometimes envious seeing all her own friends had success too, while her own basket often stayed empty. She learned to be happy for them, because there be always the next one and it will newer end, if you don't stop at all; especially with the hard working. In her opinion, the most challenging part about being a dancer, is keeping motivated in such a competitive atmosphere. The older she gets, the tougher it gets.

Her first hip-hop teacher was Will "WilldaBeast" Adams at the Rage and Will's first class too ... as teacher. So Tati and Will got historically very close together and Tati got one of the first members of IMMA and joined first LilBeast, ImmaBeast's sub company for very young talents who became later all famous too. Tati stayed in touch with IMMA and now she is older generation of one of the most important dance companies in the world. ImmaBEAST is like a second family to her where everyone has the same interests and goals in mind. It’s a safe place to learn and grow together. At IMMA she met also first time also two her best friends Tahani Anderson and Kaycee Rice and formed the girl group "KayHaniTi". An innocent childhood friendship, who did kids stuff beyond dancing too, like setup a tent in a room and had a sleepover in it. So the besties got very close together. In the later years Tati kept more in touch with Tahani then with Kaycee. She also met first time another one of her best friends and permanent dancer partner - Gabe De Guzman. Still these days Gabe is considering Tati as little sister and have quite a history together when they toured together to Philippines, Dominican Republic and Columbia when Tati was somewhere between 13-15 and Gabe 15-17 years old .

IMMA and KayHaniTi brought Tati to fame, although she had herself never that breakthrough event in her career to get public eye to justify a wiki page like this for a minor, but now she is an adult and their are no legal obstacles to introduce the incredible young woman. She was on the first dance video of WilldaBeast and people started asking, who the baby girl on the video was, she is damn good too. KayHaniTi brought her to fame, because Kaycee got public eye two years before by Katy Perry's tweet and her fame and those many other prominent dancers draw attention to Tati as well and she was seen as part of the dance industry elite. Tati remembered from these days how happy everyone was. They had no clue where all these film shots will bring them one day and just had a blast by dancing, because they loved it. - 'It gets filmed?! Cool!'- They didn't even thinking about social media when people pointed out 'you guys are very good for your age' and they stayed all humble. She feels that the next generation is much more competitive, because they get filmed for social media since their entire career. But when she has started there was no social media and their cared just about fun, friends and socializing; all stayed easy and want to keep it like this.

When she was 9-10 she met first time Matt Steffanina and worked intensively together with him, at the beginning in classes, later on his concept videos and on conventions as master-student or his assistant abroad. Matt and Tati have a long history as well, but of course, the most prominent choreographer in the world has thousands of students. Nevertheless, Matt has taken her under his wing by booking her for jobs as his assistant and taking her around the world with him. Another choreographer who has a big imprint on Tati is Galen Hooks. She loves her style and technique. Galen teaches beside hip-hop a lot of old school retro dancing too and knows the old school pro procedures like setup contracts, marketing, promos, networking, behavior on set and during shooting, use of agencies and managers etc, and is offering workshops for it, from times when there was no social media. She also loves learning from or dancing with Tricia Miranda, Brian Friedman, Hamilton Evans, Nika Kljun, and JR Taylor.

Tati loves choreographing and teaching herself and started teaching abroad in 2016. First she was teaching with Gabe De Guzman and SophyG in Columbia, Dominican Republic and the Philippines and had a eight city tour with Gabe in the Philippines, appeared on local TV and even taught on a trip in Kenya with her mom and the Call It Spring x Me to We movement to teach dance and help build schools. She likes travelling. Kenya impressed her most and the kids touched her heart, because they don't had phones, TVs, they didn't learned her dance because they saw her on YouTube, they don't even know the song she was playing, but just loved to dance, having a blast and that is what makes Tati happy. Tati got inspired by her mom who started singing with 15 in mexico.

In 2021, Tati has moved to Porto Rico with 18 and was filming a new show, focused on herself and living her dreams.[11]. Tati was starring as Dani in new HBO Max comedy series The Gordita Chronicles, a Latina reporter looking back on her childhood as a chubby, willful and reluctant Dominican immigrant growing up with her eccentric family in 1980s Miami. [12]

In 2022, due too many long distance flights and lots of love, Tati moved back to LA together with her boyfriend in one place.[13] The Gordita Chronicles premiered on June 23rd[14], but it was canceled after one season as it moves away from family programming.[15]

In 2023, Tati was doing Runway Show in NYC for C H I C K.

Last October 2023 shots of the beauty.

On June 16,2024 "The Lies I Tell Myself" feature (Trailer) is finaly released where Tati played the main role Cassie on the platforms Tubi and Apple TV.[16]

Singing[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Tati's singing style is between rap/hip-hop and pop. She started singing as getting inspirated by her mom, who started singing in Mexico at the age of 15.

Isaiah Morgan & Tati McQuay Singing Duo (IT)[edit | hide | edit source]

In 2014, she joined Isaiah Morgan and formed the duo IT.

L2M (Listening 2 Music) Pop Girl Group[edit | hide | edit source]

L2M was formed in 2015. The group was masterminded, produced and funded by Mads Munk, a Danish entrepreneur who also funded the LEGO Friends DVD movie “Girlz 4 Life”. Following auditions throughout the United States with former Syco Music Creative Director / Manager Tim Byrne (of One Direction and The X Factor (UK TV series) fame) the group was formed and includes five girls: Mariangeli Collado (of Hitstreak), Tati McQuay, Lexi Drew, McKenzie Mack, and Jenna Simmons.

In Jan 2016, the five girls Mariangeli, McKenzie, Lexi, Jenna and Tati signed for Warner Music for her first single "Girlz". Mariangeli Collado, 12 at that time, is an exceptional singer, who had over 100M+ views on YouTube. McKenzie Mack, 11 at that time, is experienced actress, who worked already for Disney. Jenna Simmons and Lexi Drew, both 11 at the time, are trained on same school for performing arts in Dallas, Texas. They were also an important part of the following LEGO® friends films "Girlz 4 Life", an extension of very popular, animated TV episodes, how are broadcst workdwide. "Girlz 4 Life“ was released on Feb 2, 2016 on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital HD. Producer was Soulshock, who worked with artists like Chris Brown and Usher. Later the girls got their own YouTube Red TV Show "Hyperlinked".

Tati choreographed for the group as well. The band got inaktive after five years in 2019.

Solo career[edit | hide | edit source]

After five years in the girl group L2M, she started her solo career. She wrote the her first song "Admit It". Released by Riveting Music as single. About a year later, she produced the music video below, shortly before she turned 16. In 2018, she published the music video "Parachute" by Tati McQuay x Cookie Cutters. Both were not exactly chart breakers.

Martial Arts[edit | hide | edit source]

Her dad brought Tati into martial arts about in 2015. Her brother Kai started first with it, who got black belt at the of 7! First she had just checked it out and felt in love with it. Tati got later blackbelt herself on Nov 2017 in Tang Soo Do, an Korean fusion of Karate. First non-asian grandmaster (who passed 8th Dan) of this sport and art was famous Chuck Norris. She did a few tournaments with it and just loving it. She doing also Jujutsu, which she picked up in tournaments and started with boxing in 2018.[17]

Online Networks[edit | hide | edit source]

Platform Network Hosts Subjects Other Guests Notes
Name Release
YT 2019.08.19 Dance Network - To the Pointe Kristyn Burtt Tati McQuay Reveals Details About Her New Music Video none
YT 2019.08.19 Hollywire Jana Rosenberg Tati McQuay Gets To Know Justin Bieber and Fan Girls Over Shawn Mendes! none They playing Noggins Up and Hollywords with Tati. She also reveals not one, but two of her biggest celebrity crushes. Shawn took notice to her talent after putting out a dance video to one of his songs. Recently, Tati is coming out with her own music. She just released her single "Admit It"!

Quotes[edit | hide | edit source]

By Tati[edit | hide | edit source]

  • "Stay focused, keep practicing, and have fun. You have to love what you do and never give up on your dreams." (her advice for aspiring dancers)
  • Q&A: What is most special about dance to you? - Tati: "It’s my outlet to express my feelings and let loose! It has always been there for me and I just love how it makes me feel. It’s amazing how I can inspire and motivate others through dance to follow their dreams and do what they love."

Fun Facts[edit | hide | edit source]

  • Her favorite car type is a jeep. She likes fast sports cars.
  • She is playing acoustic guitar.
  • She did a Matt Steffanina 10 min dance challenge. He tasked her to learn an entire masterclass routine and perform it flawless within 10 minutes, which normally took 1-1.5 hours to learn. And she did it in her second attempt - after 8 min 52 sec! [18]
  • At the tender age of 10, she won the title of a Camp counselor for the dance convention camp pulse on tour.
  • She is obsessed with pin apples and chocolate chips.[19]Dark chocolate is her favorite candy. In general, a favorite women choice.
  • She had a ballet solo on a stage at the age of 6 and completely forgot the dance routine. It remained in her memory as one of the most embarrassing moments in her life.
  • On a vacation in Mexico when she was sitting on rocks at a beach and made a picture of the environment and posted it on social media. By that a fan of Tati find her. He told her about his admiration for her and Tati got stunned in front of her entire family, because she posted no one where she was. He just found her.
  • Tati thinks astrological signs are important for characteristics. She is a Virgo.

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