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Sean Charles Lew
Sean Lew.jpg
Gender Male
Age 21
Birthdate November 25, 2001
Nationality American
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Height 5'7"
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
School Grade Class of 2019
(California Connections Academy)
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Dance Teacher
Creative and Film Director
Affiliations ImmaBEAST Co.
MSA Agency
Boy Squad
Dance Studios IMMA Space (2017-present)
Mather Dance Studio (beginning 2005)
Titles see below
Friends and Family
Parents Miya Lew (Mother)
Chuck Lew (Father)
Janelle Ginestra-Adams (Mama Beast)
William Adams (Papa Beast)
Siblings Sarah Lew
Serris Lew
Friends Victoria Caban
Maddie Ziegler
Eva Igo
Bailey Sok
Tahani Anderson
Tati McQuay
Kaycee Rice
Charlize Glass
Will Simmons
Julian DeGuzman
Gabe De Guzman
Josh Price
Kenneth San Jose
Jayy Hancock
Tessandra Chavez
Ian Eastwood
Trevor Takemoto
Dylan Mayoral
Deja Carter
Jordyn Jones
Autumn Miller
Tate McRae
Sophia Lucia
Scott David Winn
Pets 1 dog (Oreo)
Nicknames Lewser
Sean Charles Lew (born on November 25, 2001 in Walnut, California, U.S.) is a multi-talented professional dancer, celebrity choreographer, dance teacher, TV junior chef, actor, editor, creative and film director, producer, model, entrepreneur, social media personality and a philanthropist, pianist and singer with Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian roots living in Los Angeles, California.

Sean got first time public eye by name at the age of 11, when a video of his jazz funk class routine, choreographed by Miguel Zarate, to the Lady Gaga's performance song "Applause" went viral in 2013 and turned him into an overnight sensation. [1] A month later he got invited to perform the dance on The Queen Latifah Show. He got most fame of public eye by his appearance on season two of NBC's World of Dance as Sean & Kaycee in 2018, but within the dance community Sean was already an established star, since her was 14, by holding workshops, hosting and attending conventions, showcasing dances and teaching masterclasses around the world in front of thousands of people.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8] He stated at July 2018 that he doesn't have permanent long-term goals, because everything is so last-minute and he doesn't know where he will be tomorrow. He wants just go the flow and taking chances.[9] He isn't actually seeking for a career as dance teacher, but wants to support groups who having a certain amount of hunger and passion for life and dance, which he had experienced himself in LA when her was younger and wants to (re-)establish it worldwide. [10]

He started dancing when he was able to walk as got inspired by his two older sisters Sarah and Sirris, who used to be competition dancers as well, by watching them featuring on competing videos, [11] took his first dance classes when he was four and started competing at the age of five. He got his first professional gig as dancer when he was eight years old on the Glee show. He won on Dance-Off Juniors season one episode eight, competed on season one of NBC's World of Dance as member of ImmaBEAST and on season two with his partner Kaycee Rice as Sean & Kaycee. After that show Sean turned into a viral social media star as well and attracts with videos millions of views. As dancer he appeared on many TV shows, such as, on Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2012 and 2014, on Dancing with the Stars 2013 and The X-Factor together with Carly Rose Sonenclar at the finals in 2012. He was also interview guest concerning dance on NBC morning news, KTLA5 news and LA TV - The Zoo. He appeared on Sia's music short film video "The Greatest" with Maddie Ziegler. He performed with Chris Brown and Kris Wu. He later went on to dance for Janet Jackson on her Unbreakable World Tour in 2015.

He did commercials, for instance, for Disney, Canon, Red Bull and Old Navy. Meanwhile he is frequently booked to choreograph for commercials.

He was also one of the important supporting members to help Janelle and her future husband William "WillDaBeast" Adams (surname did change, it is Ginestra-Adams now) founding IMMA in 2012/2013[12] and became a member of the crews ImmaBEAST and LilBEAST [13][14]. He was also an early member of the dance group Boy Squad. Sean is considered as big influence-r on kid dancer talents today - as dancer, choreographer, teacher and mentor. For instance, he taught at THE LAB in West Covina and supported their dancers, who won season two of World of Dance and members became hip-hop world champions as team TLxWC in the Varsity division in 2017. [15]

He started choreographing at the age of ten [16] and got finally his accolade as established choreographer during World of Dance season two by the judges, who were blown away by his unique, smart, well thought, storytelling and emotional choreography with the age of 16. Shortly afterwards he toured with Brain Friedman through Europe[17] and Asia[18] attending conventions and teaching masterclasses - even he actually hates the term, because he doesn't consider himself a master and is just holding workshops. But he already worked before with Janelle and Will for Step Up:Year of the Dance in China.[19] and taught classes in Japan[20], Mexico and, of course, across the US as member of ImmaBEAST as dancer, teacher and choreographer. His first bigger concept video as choreographer, creative director, editor and dancer was "Life Experiences: Wrong Words" in June 2017, when he worked first time on a project with his current permanent dance partner and best friend Kaycee Rice. But already "Miracle", filmed and edited by "Typo", was an impressive work.[21] Later "Breathe" was an extraordinary creation as well.[22]

Sean stated that he didn't watch often TV or playing video games, but music was an important part of his life right from the beginning. He started choreographing to express himself better by music and dancing. His older sister Serris shot the first videos of his choreography and edited it until he was 12. Soon dance partners like Jordyn Jones or Kenneth San Jose helped him showing his choreography. About after a year Sean took over filming and editing. Was a dance partner missing, a little CGI helped and he danced by himself as duet [23] or got transparent to the background.[24] Later producers like MyTypo or TJ Lewis filmed and edited his choreography with more production effort. His first dance masterclass teaching was filmed when he was 11, to help his sisters school for charity.[25] And the end of the process Sean dropped out as a brilliant camera man, editor, creative director and choreographer. His work can be watched on his YouTube channel or sometimes Instagram account. In 2016, he choreographed and danced for the BET Awards 2016 normees Big Sean, Kanye West & John Legend.

Sean has had already an impressive non-dance related child acting career, but he considered the character roles he got as embarrassing. [26] Regarding IMDb, he appeared on TV soup series "See Dad Run" (2014), "Sam & Cat" (2014), "Bizaardvark" (2016), "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" (2014), on the documentary series "On the Spot Interviews" (2013), "Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off" (2016), on home series "Home & Family" (2016), on boulevard series "E! Live from the Red Carpet" - reporting from The Academy Awards 2015 .and several online-network-series like "To the Pointe" (2018). He also appeared on music short film "Todrick Hall: Freaks Like Me" (2014). Sean was even part of the ADR ("Automated" or "Automatic" Dialog Replacement) group of the "Penguins of Madagascar" (2014) and added his voice to the film. [27] So FOX thought this man can be helped and made him series regular "Chris" in thriller, drama series The Cleaning Lady.

Sean was in public school from pre-school to second class middle school, then he tried homeschool, after then he was going a year in public high-school, and got almost kicked out due his missing time, and finally switched back to online homeschooling. He graduated technically high-school at the age of 15, but he was keep going on in high-school, because his parents as non-native English speakers couldn't support him in certain ways. Sean was in his last year in Nov 2019, but he graduated officially at Jun 19th, 2019 at the California Connections Academy. [28][29] He finds the balancing between homeschooling, traveling, teaching and dancing really tough.

Sean also dances many years as philanthropist, for causes which matters to him, such as for,[30] and supporting to fight childhood cancer. Due his engagement and popularity, and those of many other dancers and choreographers, the funds rises very well, financing research and treatments for children with cancer. Other engagements by him went public are "#prayforpaloma" [31], [32] and [33]. Notable and honorable is his engagement for UN Development Programme with the ambitious goal to end poverty at 2030. By watching the video on his channel to the end $20,000 USD donation was send to UNDP power by Live Nation Concerts and Sean. People of his status normally doesn't bother just to look.

An other talent he is known for is cooking. He started cooking when he was seven years old[34] and won on season one episode 13 of "Chopped Junior" $10,000 USD [35] and been on season two by six episodes of charity fund raising "Rachael Vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off" [36]. He started cooking to bring other dancers some self-made lollipops and got invited from their parents to cook in their houses and somehow got on the show by that and because he same kids were later on Chopped Junior, he got on this show as well. He loves cooking for family, friends and sometimes the whole company, but, of course, everyone is welcome to join and help preparing, washing and cleaning up. He wanted once to have his own show called "The Dancing Chef", but it seems to change to "The Cooking Dancer" now. What he later really got was starring on "Sean Lew Approved", produced by Kaycee Network, a sort of restaurant and food critics online show, which was renewed for season two despite the low rates, because he knows the producer pretty well.[37] Today he has some entrepreneur partnerships by food and drink products as well as cuisine restaurants and producer.

Sean plays piano since he was six years old. Her won 2nd place at the Music Teachers Association of California when he was eight years old. [38][39] Sean is also noticed as good singer and sound editor. He started singing to support his friend Tate McRae, [40] who is an excellent singer and got at the end of 2020 already four platinum and 11 gold certifications, but he didn't make it public for a long time. He published three music videos by covering "this town" by Niall Horan, "Youth ft. (Kahlid)" by Shawn Mendes and "Be Alright" by Dean Lewis. [41][42][43]

He got the nickname "Lewser" by his family, who said it as a joke, but made later a family merchandise by that. [44] The brand is owned by his sisters Serris and Sarah - fashion designer and computer engineer - and himself and offers a small clothing line. It started when he ordered a t-shirt online with the print "Lewser" and people were asking where they could get one of these.

His skills as dancer are not less impressive. He started dancing with his older siblings Sarris and Sarah at Mather Dance Studio at the age of four and became a member of Mather Dance company. He got at the beginning most of his technical training there - ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, lyrical and hip-hop. He started with tap, then hip-hop and then he was trained within 4-5 years in ballet. He performed his first hip-hop dance on stage even before had a class. Most impressive, he learned ball room dancing as well and won with his partner "Sia" at the age of 8 or 9 two championships with the standards Rumba, Samba, Jive, ChaCha and Paso Nova in Latin dancing. [45][46] Due his work as dancing far from the dance community, he took also a lot of dance industrial classes in LA with some of the most influential and established choreographers. He got first time on The Pulse convention when he was eight years old, and was made to Pulse Protegè without even knowing what is this all about or competing for it, just by the attention of the choreographers, his self-expression in the forefront and his daring clothing. Finally got later on The Pulse on Tour in 2013 at the age of 12 as Elite Protégé and graduated as Elite Alumnus in 2014. Two years before, he met his friend and mentor those days William "WillDaBEAST" Adams, who became later to a kind of dance father or big brother for Sean and Sean supported him and his future wife Janelle Ginestra(-Adams) founding ImmaBEAST, by dancing on his videos, finding supporters and even cooking. In these days one of the most important dance industry companies in the world. Sean mixed more and more other influences to his style of dancing. NEYO stated at NBC's World of Dance season two to him: "I feel I can watch someone else do your choreography and go 'Yeah, that's Sean.'" In 2015, he competed on YouTube's Teen Dance Challenge together with his friends Talia Seitel, Lucy Vallely, Sophia Lucia and Chloe East and won a two weeks summer intensive scholarship of the Joffery Ballet School, including tuition to his domestic location.[47]

Sean also learned the classics beyond mainstream dancing. Especially Galen Hooks, Tessandra Chavez and Nika Kjun gave him frequently retro approaches. Galen let Sean perform "The West Side Story" like a Broadway veteran,[48][49] hard rock like the 80's (which drives the girls in classes crazy by this animal)[50] and jazz funk.[51] Nika let Sean feel the 70's by "Greace", [52] funk and urban dance[53]. Or soft rock by Tessandra [54] His new partner Kaycee Rice stated in NBC's World of Dance season two: "He is literally good at everything. He is basically like a dance genius." His strongest suit is hip-hop.[55] Sean's fingerprint of dancing can be described as the "Master of 1,001 Figures with Hands and Legs", making waves with his body[56][57] and the most fierce accentuation of dancers of the younger generation. Giving him millions of permutations by texture movements and basics for innovative choreography as well. Due his ballet training he is capable do 8-10 two-feet-leading pirouettes in row and very fast, even with closed arms (extremely difficult), and a backward barrel, a 360° turn jump backwards with hanging arms.

He doesn't have such flexibility like his partner Kaycee [58] - he was frequently complaining that he has a spine and cannot do that - but the same musicality. Sean on the other hand has an accentuation by texture movements Kaycee cannot match (hardly anyone can)[59] The couple is always noticed as outstanding, because both are extremely clean, controlled by a lot of multi-coordinated texture movements, fierce accentuation [60] and high expressive performance.[61] Their chemistry is considered legendary for their age. Both were nominated for the Industry Dance Awards 2018 for most fierce dancer under 18, together with Charlize Glass, JT Church and the winner Eva Igo.

In 2019, Sean choreographed a music video for mega-star Meghan Trainor "AFTER YOU (Directed by Charm La'Donna)" on Vevo-YT with just 17 years old and is starring with Kaycee on it as duet. Meghan was actually a secret fan of Sean for many years and they finally met at October 31, 2019. He started in April a crowd funding project for his new short film of dancing cultures worldwide with planned budget $65,000 USD, but the subject changed later and he didn't get raised the target budget. He was nominated for a Arena Award in the category "Rising Star of the year" together with Emma Portner, Logan Edra and the winner Bailey Sok. He was performing the NBC World of Dance World Final intermezzo show on season three together with Kaycee Rice and Ian Eastwood while NE-YO was singing on stage. They got the honor to be in line with dance legends like Les Twins, Keone & Mari Madrid, Derek Hough, The Kinjaz, The Lab, Charity Anderson & Andres Peñate and Michael Dameski. Finally the Step Up: Year of the Dance (aka Step Up China or Step Up 6) movie was released. Sean was assistant choreographer for it along with William "Willdabeast" Adams, Janelle Ginestra-Adams and Jaken Isaiah Preston, featuring Jade Cynoweth and Janelle Ginestra-Adams and Wei Qi and SuperDino are starring. It is currently with about $17,000,000 USD estimated budget Sean's biggest project he participated in. [62] A convention dance video with Kaycee to the song "False Confidence" by Noah Kahan went viral by 5M+ views within just one month and got Noah's personal attention and the Australian invited them to perfom in LA live on stage with him.[63] When Sean turned 18 he celebrated it in Iceland at Reykjavík with his family and Kaycee [64] Before became an adult he already visited many countries in the world. In this year it was at least China, Dominican Republic, Poland, Japan, Iceland and Denmark. Not many people can claim to be a world citizen at his age.

In 2020, he choreographed for mega-star Justin Bieber on his music video "At Least For Now", was solo starring on it and Sean leveled-up to celebrity choreographer at the age of 18. Just few days before, Justin's new music video "That's What Love Is" was released, where he is with Kaycee Rice one of six starring dance couples and he had also with Kaycee choreographed the kick off and episode three of Disney's new dance series On The One! and they were performing it with some friends, before Kaycee broke her ankle shortly afterwards. However, this was WARP-speed in the fast lane during the coronavirus quarantine period, when many people get frustrated on perspectives to find dance gigs in future due national-wide shutdowns and economical downswings.

In 2021, on Feb 27th he released his "II: AN UNSPOKEN NARRATIVE" - The Short Film" and broke some rare records. The "short film" has about an hour length, had 285.000 views in four days and got about 38,000 likes by just 51! dislikes (about 745:1) and broke his own record of False Confidence by 220:1 on about 28M+ views at that time, which is for a Youtube video with that many hits extremely rare. In the film are starring some of best industry dancers in the world. The full cast - himself, Kaycee Rice, Tre De Rego, Kea Peahu, Destinee Mayarea, Hiro Homura, Giselle Silva, Jaime Mora, Isaac Meija, Leilani Zepeda, Ava Chavarria, Bailey Sok, Julian DeGuzman, Stephanie Mincone, Connor Gormley, Shannon Kelly, Zack Everheart, Marie Spieldenner, Zach Venegas, Anthony Westlake, Matthew Kubitz, Emma Hauser, Ashlynn Malia, Leconte Banks and Jazz Smith. Director of Photography/Gimbal Operator are Gerald Nonato und Nick Kim. Unit Still Photographers are Lee Gumbs and Chad Brady. Choreography by Sean Lew, Tessandra Chavez and Benji Schwimmer. It is featuring also some spiritual locations like the tree house at the end. DanceSpirit was headlining after an interview: "Sean Lew's New Film is Bound to Leave You Speechless" [65]. How he gets it done with the low budget?! Because most of crew and cast are friends and he had some family support. The film won a New York’s Oniro Film Award in the category "Best Dance Choreography" in March and was already introduced on two short film festivals in Venice and Montreal in 2020. He delivered with 19, four years later after he had the idea and adds on his calling card producer, script writer and director now. Shortly afterward he signed for crime, drama and thriller series "The Cleaning Lady" as Chris. The first season premiered at Sep 9th, 2021 on FOX with international releases.[66] Sean got regular in first season. Not bad for someone who thought once his acting is embarrassing. In June he has taught his first dance class at the Millennium Dance Complex LA. [67] Insane, but when most of his fellow pro dancers properly celebrating their first teaching class at the "most iconic dance studio in the world" as an important milestone of their careers, for Sean it feels just natural; not worth mentioning. On Dec 13, Sean & Kaycee attended the The World Choreography Adwards 2021, the "Oscars of Dance". They were nominated in the category Digital Content twice for their Disney Channel dance videos - Party in the USA and Don't Start Now.[68][69]

In 2022, he directed and edited the entire BALLET THEATRE 2022 Campaign’ posted it as director`s cut, but Director of Photography was an old friend - Scott David Winn. Scott composed and played also the score and Sean was singing to it.[70] As expected, The Cleaning Lady was renewed for season two and Sean plays Chris again premiered on Sep 19,2022 on FOX. He got right from the beginning more responsibility of the development of the story line. He earned some trust by director and producer, but if he still messes up, he has to die, go to prison or something else. No pressure. Sean's activities stayed diversified. He worked further in fashion business, cuisine, as choreographer and teacher, visited Japan, and found some time shoot the concept video with Kaycee It's Okay where he did the choreography. Scott DW shoot with Sean a new short film - "MONSTER" [71] Since November 2022, Sean started V-logging his personal life on monthly basis - 11/22.

On Feb 1, 2023, Fox decided to renew The Cleaning Lady for third season and Sean stays regular on the show. The early renewal for The Cleaning Lady could also serve as a hedge against a possible strike by writers, actors or directors in the coming months. On-air ratings for The Cleaning Lady cooled some in its second season: The drama averaged 3.52 million viewers per episode with a week of delayed viewing, according to Nielsen (those figures don’t include streaming), versus 5.17 million for its first season. Per Fox, the show’s multiplatform audience was 5.4 million viewers for season two, a 53 percent jump over the Nielsen seven-day figure.[72] On Feb 22, Sean posted his choreo video for the Vibrancy convention Ungrateful Eyes - Jon Billion with Kaycee and went strait in tradition of False Confedence with 45M+ views at that time and they set a kind of trademark here. Sean choreographed also for Jacob Chase's musical short film Troubles[73] On March, he taught at the Summerjam Dance Camp Convention in Vietnam, attended a dance battle at the beach and shot a concept video. On April 11, he was co-starring with Brynn Cartelli on her new music video "Secondhand Smoke" where he choreographed the dance ând was the co-producer with Brynn as well.[74] Sean competes also on the RedBulL Dance 2023 and advanced to the second round in Chicago. His strength & conditioning trainer Karl Flores prepared him five months for the event. They started a documentation series "The New Mindset" about Sean's training (episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Last - Director Sean, Director of Photography Donovan Okimura and Alex Lackey, Editing Alex Lackey). On April he was creative director and choreographer for the Jackson Wang Coachella Show 2023. He directed also with Jackson Wang his new music video Cheetah. On May 22, Sean was crowned as the new Red Bull ‘Dance Your Style’ USA Champion 2023[75] - Final Battle Daisy VMZ vs Sean Lew. The World Final 2023 is on Nov 4 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. If Sean will attempt he might face a hell of competition (THE D SORAKI at World Final, Freestyle Hype).

Dances[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Solos[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Competition Place Awards
2008 Leon King Tap unknown Hall of Fame Dance Challenge unknown
2009 Be My Baby Tonight Tap unknown Hall of Fame Dance Challenge unknown
2010 Sean's Song Lyrical unknown Legacy Dance Championships unknown
Move Shake Drop Hip-Hop unknown Legacy Dance Championships unknown
Jumping Jive Tap unknown Legacy Dance Championships unknown
2011 Friend Like You Contemporary Pauline Mata NRG Dance Convention 2nd Place
2012 Earthquakey People Hip-Hop Mikey Trasoras The Broadway Hollywood 2nd in Junior Solos
Wonderful World Contemporary Pauline Mata Starquest 1st Place
Starbound 1st Place
This Moment Open Marco Cruz KAR 1st Place
unknown Hip-Hop unknown MONSTERS OF HIP HOP BATTLE ADVANCED 1st Place
2013 It will Rain Contemporary Shannon Mather The Pulse on Tour Picked by Pulse Faculty to perform before awards
Forget the Night Hip-Hop Sean Lew National Hall of Fame Showdown Champion Dance unknown
Debonair Open Blake McGrath National Hall of Fame Showdown Champion Dance unknown
2014 Clean Bandit - Rather Be Open Sean Lew The Pulse on Tour Elite Protégé

Duets[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Other Dancer Competition Place Awards
2009 unknown Ballroom - Rumba unknown Ria Golden State Challenge unknown
unknown Ballroom - Samba unknown Ria Hollywood Dancesport Championships Per Tee 1st Novice and Per Champion 1st prize Latin Dance
unknown Ballroom - Jive unknown Ria
unknown Ballroom - ChaCha unknown Ria
2010 unknown Ballroom - Jive unknown Ria Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships 1st in Latin Pre-Teen 1
unknown Ballroom - Samba unknown Ria
unknown Ballroom - ChaCha unknown Ria
unknown Ballroom - Rumba unknown Ria
unknown Ballroom - Paso Nova unknown Ria
2013 Boyfriend Jazz Shannon Mather Autumn Miller National Hall of Fame Showdown Champion Dance unknown
Countdown (Fallbrook) unknown
JUMP (Los Angeles) 1st in Junior Duet/Trios

Trios[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Other Dancers Competition Place Awards
2008 Tic Tac Toe Hip-Hop unknown Sarah Lew
Serris Lew
Hall of Fame Dance Challenge unknown
I Can Do That Tap unknown Sarah Lew
Serris Lew
Hall of Fame Dance Challenge unknown
2012 Proud Mary Jazz Mika Mitsui Alexa Jozuka
Allison Tsai
Hollywood Connection unknown
THE FACE Lyrical Mika Mitsui Alexa Jozuka
Allison Tsai
Hollywood Connection unknown

Groups[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Other Dancers Competition Place Awards
2008 Ease on Down Jazz unknown Dellos Dance Studio Group Starpower unknown
Oompa Hip-Hop unknown unknown Starpower unknown
2010 This is Joint is Jumpin Tap unknown unknown Legacy Dance Championships 1st in Small Groups
Military Madness Tap unknown unknown Legacy Dance Championships 1st in Large Groups

Dance Titles[edit | edit source | hide]

  • Red Bull ‘Dance Your Style’ USA Champion 2023
  • Pulse Elite Protégé 2013-2014 [76]
  • Pulse Elite Alumnus since 2013/2014 (lifetime title) [77][78]
  • Per Teen Novice and Per Champion Latin Dance Hollywood Dancesport 2009
  • Pre-Teen Champion Latin Dance Emerald Ball Dancesport 2010
  • Monster of Hip-Hop 2012
  • 1st Overall Champion StarQuest Nationals 2012
  • 1st Overall Champion Starbound Nationals 2012
  • 1st Overall Champion at the ASH Nationals

TV Competition Shows[edit | edit source | hide]

Dancing[edit | edit source | hide]

Dance-Off Junior[edit | edit source | hide]

In 2016, Sean won season one episode eight of Dance-Off Junior, against his friend William B. Simmons II and Skyler Sharp. He auditioned first round and impressed the judges Todrick Hall, Ladia Yates and Devon Werkheiser. Choreographer Matt Steffanina set up the choreography for next round for a trio and Sean won the competition and $5,000 USD due his shining, accentuated and controlled performance. [79][80]

World of Dance[edit | edit source | hide]

In 2017, he performed as member of ImmaBEAST with his crew members Josh Price, Will Simmons, Julian Deguzman, Josh Beauchamp, Jenna Alvarez, Reese Hatala, Nat Bebko, Tayler Reef, Sienna Lalau and Kerrynton Jones in the Junior Division on season one of NBC's World of Dance and were eliminated in The Cut. But their qualifying routine was completely "cut out" from the show and even their scores weren't announced. There is still a rehearsal video left of the routine. [81] In The Duels they won against Mini Request, but neither opponent dancing was shown, nor their individual scores by judging. [82] And in The Cut just their final score was shown and that they were eliminated. However, some members performed on season two. Josh Price became a member of S-Rank, Josh Beauchamp performed as Josh & Taylor with his partner Taylor Hatala, her 11 years old sister Reese Hatala with her new partner Sarah Phoenix as LULAS [83] - and got "cut out" again - and Sean with Kaycee Rice as Sean & Kaycee. Below are the scores of the rounds they participated in.

Qualifiers (Wall To Wall)
AVERAGE unknown
Duels Round (Juice)
Mini Request 85.7
ImmaBEAST 86.0
The Cut (Look At Me Now)

In 2018, on the NBC World of Dance show season 2 he performed with his partner Kaycee Rice as Sean & Kaycee, getting second in Divisional Final and they became one of the most popular acts of the show with a lot of special clips and interviews by NBC. Both were contacted individually by different people to join the show, but at the beginning they declined. Sean, because of his experience of been "cut out" of the show, he didn't want experience it again and felt he wasn't self-assure enough, he couldn't choreograoh it under that time pressure in front of millions alone. And Kaycee because she had no idea how do it alone. Later Sean changed his mind, considered participation and gave Kaycee a face-time call if she minded to join as a duo. She said immediately "Yes!", and instanly dropped the mobile on the floor after that and Sean was just watching the ceiling for about 10 minutes, and was asking like "Kaycee?!?", while on both sides the parents were cheering them up "Go for it!". The next two hours there was silence at the phone to process how to manage it in detail. They decided having not too much hope they would survive to next rounds and didn't prepare for more than just one round. Telling a story that matters and inspires to anyone was more important for them than top scoring. They just wanted show case their performance skills and Sean's choreography.[84] Sean filmed with Kaycee behind-the-scene documentaries during each round, how they choreographed and rehearsed four routines under time pressure and became best friends by that. Sean stated later for him the most important part of the show aftermath was that he found in Kaycee someone who is really understanding why he is dancing and is sharing same motivation and attidute. Kaycee said later they add the blindfolds in rehearsals of The Qualifiers three days before the show and changed the routine completely the day before the show after a terrible failure, when she hit him by a push.

But they got huge laudation during the show. Jennifer Lopez eulogized them as with "If anyone in this competition can be called prodigies, it's Sean and his partner Kaycee." ... "You have a real talent" ..."technically perfect" ... "You move me in a way I cannot explain sometimes." and actually broke out into tears after Sean & Kaycee had the nerves to perform half of their qualifiers routine blindfolded in front of 8.5 million watchers (air day + 7 days) on national television later (taped 4 months before), making an huge impact in the dance community. Jenna Dewan stated in an interview later: "I swear to you, they are the future of choreography and dance."[85] After first airing the adorable couple was no longer treated as dance stars, but as common celebrities, who pointed out that they are just best friends and not dating (yet). Below are the scores of the rounds they participated in.

Qualifiers (Silence)
Ne-Yo 97
Jennifer Lopez 96
Derek Hough 95
Duels Round (Grimey)
3 Xtreme 87
Sean & Kaycee 93.3
The Cut (Can I Be Him)
Ne-Yo 88
Jennifer Lopez 94
Derek Hough 94
Divisional Final (The Way I Do)
Ne-Yo 91
Misty Copeland 92
Jennifer Lopez 95
Derek Hough 91

Note: Regarding IMDb he performed on season 6 (2011) on America's Got Talent at Seattle auditions, but regarding other sources he performend on season 8. The performance was not televised.

Cooking[edit | edit source | hide]

Chopped Junior[edit | edit source | hide]

In 2016, he performed of Chopped Junior season one episode 13 as Junior chef and won the show, including $10,000 USD. The task was to prepare a complete 3-course meal within 30 minutes each course be indigents:

  • Appetizer: burgers, eggplant, jalapeno powder, cream soda
  • Entrée: chicken lollipops, cake batter, purple wax beans, chocolate covered edamame
  • Dessert: cookie bouquet, quince paste, araucana eggs, horchata

The judges Tiffany Derry, Amanda Freitag and Tia Mowry eliminated every course one contestant. His opponents Lauren Zilberman (13) was eliminated after the appetizer, Cole Malouin (15) was eliminated after the entrée, Jack Witherspoon (15) was eliminated after the dessert and finally Sean was last-cook-standing and a coveted Chopped Junior chef's coat.

Rachel VS. Guy Kids Cook-Off[edit | edit source | hide]

In 2014, he appeared on six episode on Rachel VS. Guy Kids Cook-Off as member of the team Guy and won 3 of the episodes with his squad mates Gibson Borelli, Amber Kelley and Helen Wilson.

Awards and Nominations[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Title Category Nominated Result Refs
2016 Chopped Chopped Junior -
Season 1 Episode 13
Sean Lew Won [86]
2018 Industry Dance Awards Dancers Choice Award -
Most fierce dancer under 18
Sean Lew Nominated [87]
2019 Arena Awards Rising Star of the Year Sean Lew Nominated [88]
2021 New York’s Oniro Film Awards Best Dance Choroegraphy II: An Unspoken Narrative Won [89]
World Choreo Awards Digital Content Sean Lew & Kaycee Rice - Radio Disney - "Party in The USA" Normiated [90]
World Choreo Awards Digital Content Sean Lew & Kaycee Rice - Radio Disney - Don't Start Now" Normiated [91]

Photography[edit | edit source | hide]

Modeling[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Label/
Models Notes Refs
2018 Erica Mer
Romy Young
Romy Young
Erica Mer
Sean Lew
Kaycee Rice
Erica is an IMMA related stylist. [92][93][94][95][96]
Lee Gumbs
Make Up & Hair styling:
Christina Barras
Sean Lew
Kaycee Rice
The celebrity stylist chooses them for some remarkable shots. [102][103][104]
Jordan Matter Photo:
Jordan Matter
Sean Lew
Kaycee Rice
The famous dancer model fetishist shot at Venice Beach, FL some daring positions of the models, like every time. [108][109][110]

Jordan and Kaycee filmed making-of-s.[111][112]
More photos are on print.

Quotes[edit | edit source | hide]

By Sean[edit | edit source | hide]

  • "Where is love, there is life!" (his "Golden Quote")
  • "When all the dust is settled and all the crowds are gone. The things that matter are faith, family, and friends." (Sean's epilogue of his "ICELAND" video)

Fun Facts[edit | edit source | hide]

  • His family female dog Oreo has her own Instagram account. She has already 8K+ followers and a subscibed eight herself. Who might those be and how she did it with that paws? [113]
  • At November 2019, his favorite dream celebraties he would like work with are Beyoncé and Rami Malek. His favorite dancer collaboration would be Keone Madrid, but he was sitting in the Kinjaz Dojo when he said that. Keone was a former The Kinjaz member and is currently enjoining his father luck anyways. - Baby Girl, Numah, no superpowers detected yet, but "more poo poo". :-)[114]

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Sean Lew/Gallery
Sean Lew/Filmography
Sean Lew/Professional Stage Credits and Convention Assistance

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