Reagan Martin

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Reagan Martin

Gender Female
Age 18
Birthdate August 7, 2005
Nationality American
Hometown Fresno, California
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Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
School Grade High School Class of 2023
College Class of 2027
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Affiliations Discount Dance
USD Dance Team
Dance Studios Dolce Dance Studio
Titles see below
Friends and Family
Parents Julie (mother)
Joe (father)
Siblings Connor (brother)
Alexis (sister)
Friends Lilliana Martinez
Lilliana Ketchman
Paige Landseadal
Keagan Pickett
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Reagan Julianna Martin (born August 7, 2005) is a dancer turned professional model from California, who trained at the Dolce Dance Studio in Fresno, California. Reagan was on the reality hit TV show Dance Moms in season 7.

Dances[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Solos[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Competition Place Awards
2014 Looking Good unknown unknown StarQuest (San Jose) 2nd in Classic Petite Solos
2015 Once Upon a Dream unknown unknown Believe (Fresno) 3rd in Advanced 9-11 Solos
Blank Page unknown unknown KAR Nationals (Las Vegas) 5th in Intermediate 9-11 Solos
2016 Heart Cry Contemporary Kendra Primavera Starpower (Fresno) 4th in Power 9-11 Solos
Starpower Nationals (Las Vegas)
Wherever You Will Go unknown unknown KAR (Fresno) 3rd in Intermediate 9-11 Solos
StarQuest (San Jose) 5th in Junior Solos
2017 Broken Contemporary Victor Smalley
Nick Daniels
Spotlight Dance Cup (Fresno) 1st in Junior Diamond Solos
Judges Award for Best Choreography
Junior Miss Spotlight Title Winner
StarQuest (San Jose) 3rd in Select Junior Solos
The Ingenue Lyrical unknown Innovation (Calabasas) 1st in Junior Solos
Turn Your Face Lyrical unknown Starpower (San Mateo) 2nd in Advanced 9-11 Solos
Laget unknown unknown KAR (Fresno) entered in competition
2018 Rise Lyrical unknown Starpower (Fresno) 5th in Advanced 15-19 Solos
Regional Teen Miss Starpower
Showbiz (Riverside)
Missed Contemporary unknown KAR (San Jose) 2nd in Intermediate 12-14 Solos
Showbiz (Riverside)

Duets[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Other Dancer Competition Place Awards
2016 One Moment More Contemporary Victor Smalley Paige Landseadal Starpower Nationals (Las Vegas) 1st in Power Teen Duos/Trios
2018 I'll Keep You Safe Lyrical Kennedy Paige Showstopper (Anaheim III) 10th in Junior Duos/Trios
Kennedy Paige Showbiz (Riverside)

Groups[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer(s) Other Dancers Competition Place Awards
2015 Burlesque Production Kendra Primavera
Shelby Martin
Amanda Heymann Greager
Paige Landseadal
& many others
Showstopper (Anaheim II) 3rd in Teen Lines
2017 Summertime Kendra Primavera Amanda Chun
Basia Rhoden
Faye Flores
McKenzie Morales
Paige Landseadal
Taylor Tucker
Showstopper (Anaheim II) 3rd in Teen Small Groups
Starpower 3rd in Teen Small Groups
2018 Le Jazz Hot Musical Theater Kennedy Paige
Brooke Ottaway
Faye Flores
Jazlyn Williams
Izabella Rutledge
Quaya Cloud
Riley Bell
Simona Donaghy
Showstopper (Anaheim II) 8th in Junior Small Groups
Showbiz (Riverside)
The End is Near Lyrical Shelby Martin Maddie Garza
Paige Landseadal
Katie Nelson
Abby Locke
Jazlyn Williams
Faye Flores
Quaya Cloud
Showstopper (Anaheim II) 5th in Teen Small Groups
Showbiz (Riverside)
KAR (San Jose) 1st in Teen Small Groups
Bring on the Men Musical Theater Faye Flores
Abby Locke
Katie Nelson
Kallen Fedele
Maddie Garza
Paige Landseadal
Showstopper (Anaheim II) 6th in Senior Small Groups
Showbiz (Riverside) 8th in Senior Small Groups
KAR (San Jose)
Belief Contemporary Victor Smalley Maddie Garza
Paige Landseadal
Katie Nelson
Faye Flores
Showstopper (Anaheim II) 7th in Senior Small Groups
Showbiz (Riverside) 5th in Senior Small Groups
We Have it All Contemporary Ashley Book
Alyssa Emler
Grace Falco
Kallen Fedele
Maddie Garza
Paige Landseadal
Allison Petrosso
Katie Nelson
Sienna Saxton
Bella Zinkin
Showstopper (Anaheim II) 9th in Senior Large Groups
Showbiz (Riverside) 9th in Senior Large Groups
Sitting on the Dock Open Abby Locke
Faye Flores
Paige Landseadal
Quaya Cloud
Showbiz (Riverside)

Dance Titles[edit | hide | edit source]

  • Regional Junior Miss Starpower 2016
  • Regional Junior Miss KAR 2017
  • Regional Junior Miss Starpower 2017
  • Regional Teen Miss Starpower 2018
  • Regional Teen Miss KAR 2018

Additional Page[edit | hide | edit source]

Reagan Martin/Gallery

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