Rachael Blanchard

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Rachael Blanchard
Rachael Blanchard.jpg
Gender Female
Age 23
Birthdate August 22, 1998
Nationality American
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Albany, New York
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Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Dark Blonde
School Grade High School Class of 2016
College Class of 2022
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Affiliations MTA Agency
Dance Dimensions
Dance Studios Dance Dimensions
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Friends and Family
Parents Scott Blanchard (father)
Siblings Olivia Blanchard
Friends Bridget Derville-Teer‎
Jensen Arnold
Hannahlei Cabanilla
Michelle Quiner
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Rachael Blanchard (born on August 22, 1998), is a dancer/actress from Albany, New York, who trained at Dance Dimensions.

At one time, she auditioned for season 15 of FOX's So You Think You Can Dance.

She and her sister were part of a cheerleading team called the Albany Empresses, cheerleaders for the Albany Empire Football team.

Dances[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Solos[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Competition Place Awards
2005 Part of Your World Showstopper (Brockton) 5th in Mini Solos
2009 Wild Child KAR (Albany) 3rd in Secondary 9-11 Solos
2010 Can't Buy Me Love StarQuest (Albany) 7th in Junior Solos
Hall of Fame (Utica) 3rd in Junior Solos
2011 Amazing Grace StarQuest (Albany) 1st in Teen Solos
Teen Miss StarQuest
12th Street Rag KAR (Sparta) 1st in Intermediate 12-14 Solos
Miss Teen Dance
2012 Schindler's List/
Mourning Swan
Contemporary Encore 1st in Teen Solos
StarQuest (Albany) Early 3rd in Teen Solos
Diablo Rojo StarQuest (Albany) 4th in Teen Solos
Best Teen Solo Costume
2013 Let it Be StarQuest (Albany) 2nd in Teen Solos
Legacy 1st in Teen Solos
Sweet Dreams Legacy
I Sat Alone Legacy 1st in Teen Solos
Miss Legacy
2014 The Journey StarQuest (Albany) Miss StarQuest
Raise Your Weapon Jazz Stephanie Green StarQuest (Albany) 1st in Senior Solos
2016 Wild Horses Stephanie Green WCDE 1st in Senior Solos
Legacy (Utica) Hollywood Summer Tour
KAR (Sparta) 2nd in Elite 15-19 Solos
Wind Beneath My Wings KAR (Sparta) Miss Dance
Legacy (Utica) 1st in Advanced Senior Solos
Hollywood Summer Tour

Duets[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Other Dancer Competition Place Awards
2013 Kill the Lights Olivia Blanchard Legacy
StarQuest (Albany) 3rd in Teen Duets/Trios

Groups[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Other Dancers Competition Place Awards
2005 Vacation Gabriella Pinheiro
Bridget Pelton
Sydney Jerome
Kylee Connolly
Kyra Connolly
Julia Bonney
Jacob Bonney
Kariana Bebo
Showstopper (Brockton) 1st in Mini Small Groups
An Apple For the Teacher Bridget Pelton
Sydney Jerome
Kariana Bebo
Julia Bonney
Jacob Bonney
Kariana Bebo
Showstopper (Brockton) 2nd in Mini Small Groups
Carrying the Banner Francesca Soldevere
Gabriella Pinnero
Bridget Pelton
Essence Miles
Sydney Jerome
Kylee Connolly
Kyra Connolly
Catie Caladim
Julia Bonney
Jordan Bonney
Kariana Bebo
Caroline Strom
Danielle Smith
Kristen Paolucci
Samantha McNally
Deena Marks-Horowitz
Samantha Marfurt
Ebony Mackey
Kaeli Jerome
Danielle Jegabbi
Samantha Hunt
Jenna Gustafson
Kailah Connolly
Gabby Carmello
Showstopper (Brockton) 2nd in Junior Super Groups

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