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Welcome to the Kid Dancers Wiki[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

This is about many of the kid dancers in the world.

Rules can be found here: Kid Dancers Wiki:Policy.

Rules for editing can be found here: Kid Dancers Wiki:Editing.

History[edit | hide | edit source]

This Wiki was the former Kid Dancers Wikia - - founded by LukasiakManiac and currently owned by (Kidgameshowlover800) to give competition kids a platform where they or others could post contest results, upload photos and videos of their dances and document their success as dancers and many more. Many of them became later big stars as professional dancers, choreographers, actors or actresses, singers, models, athletes or social media personalities and the Wiki became to a sort of resume of some dancers. The number of dancers started to grow close to 1,500 dancers, when Fandom asked us to leave. The were two problems: First, Fandom collected the Wiki into their commercial pool and this led into commercial liabilities and burdens to continue with the personal data from the dancers. And second, Fandom offered no features for entering new pages or data without reviewing first and it went public directly. In consequence, the reviews came sometimes late and some issues got never noticed. The escalation with Fandom started, when a group of parents, we did not get the names, complained that some kids or others posted their data without parents permissions. So Fandom wanted us to leave for liability reasons and more. We have since restarted the Wiki on now. Sadly during migration many data were lost, because the formats are not supported here and we didn't get much time to download it all. It will take some time to fix all gaps, adjust all formats and give the site a good new design. We are sorry for that and thank you for your patience.

Temporary Access Restriction Due to Vandalism, Trolling and Sloppy Editing[edit | hide | edit source]

Unfortunately, we've had cases of sloppy editing, vandalisms and trolling of users. The reason behind the constant rollbacks is not because of information conflicts, it is due to over-usage of the visual editor and not using the source editor. That's because each time most of those times, using the visual editor causes gaps in table cells and sometimes lists in table cells being in a sloppy straight line instead being stacked up like a real list; hence why these have been declared sloppy editing. And that's why you need to use the source editor in addition to the visual editor. In consequence, we were forced to restrict the entire Kid Dancers Wiki access to admin and owner only, without any warning or explanations, because you cannot read them after then too, and our site admin has to clean up the mess alone without much help and is in charge for what is going public. So all search engine entries of the sites are vanishing after a couple days by that as well. We are sorry for this, but we were already forced to change the platform due unreviewed content before. Please understand, this is a non-profit site by volunteers. Pro dancers should be aware of such possible inconveniences in self-marketing. So to everyone out there, be careful!

Kid Dancers Crowdfunding[edit | hide | edit source]

Some of the dancer covered here have started to ask for crowdfunding for various services, illnesses, etc. To donate to these dancers in question, click here.

Disclaimer[edit | hide | edit source]

This wiki is not intended to embarrass anybody nor to make a profit. So if you are a parent and you see your kid being talked about on a page and you don't want them featured here, don't just clear an entire page and/or even leave a delete tag on it, please contact me on my talk page and that article will be taken down. Same thing applies for what certain information you would like to see or not see.