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Kaycee Caitlin Rice
Kaycee Rice 2023.jpg
Gender Female
Age 20
Birthdate October 21, 2002
Nationality American
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Height 5' 2"
Eye Color Brown/Hazel/Green Mix
Hair Color Brown
School Grade Class of 2020
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Health & Fitness Trainer
Affiliations Daniel Hoff Agency
Bloc Talent Agency
Weirdo Appeal
Dance Studios Studio 13 Dance Studio (2009-2016)
Candy Apple's Dance Center (guest)
Titles see below
Friends and Family
Parents Laura Rice (Mother)
Brad Rice (Father)
Janelle Ginestra-Adams (Mama Beast)
William Adams (Papa Beast)
Siblings Kylie Rice
Devon Rice
Friends Victoria Caban
Haley Huelsman
Eva Igo
Ashtin Roth
Chloe Smith
Tessa Wilkinson
Shengela Laquifa Wadley
McKenzie Morales
Bailey Sok
Tahani Anderson
Tati McQuay
Sean Lew
Charlize Glass
Big Will Simmons
Gabe De Guzman
Julian DeGuzman
Josh Price
Kenneth San Jose
Vivien Lopez
Bailey Holt
Tricia Miranda
Tessandra Chavez
Matt Steffanina
Brain Fridman
Taylor Hatala
Marissa Temme
Amari Smith
Maddie Ziegler
Pets owns a dog (Lulu)
1 family dog (Kino)
Nicknames Weirdo, rarely Munch or The Queen
Kaycee Caitlin Rice (born on October 21, 2002 in Woodland Hills, California, U.S.), is a professional dancer, choreographer, actress, model, personal health & fitness trainer (NASM certified), social media personality and a philanthropist living in Los Angeles, California.

At the age of 10, Kaycee did a "Werk" routine for a national dance competition, choreographed by former star dancer Tricia Miranda, which she won. Pop singer Katy Perry somehow found the YouTube video of her very first hip-hop solo ever four months later and tweeted it to about 38,000,000 of her followers. After then she became an overnight internet sensation.[1] She was the first dance kid ever went viral by a non-televised competition video and inspired the youth in 2013. She got immediately interviewed by CNN, [2] appeared on the Queen Latifah Show and some national newspapers and magazines wrote articles about her, plus an exclusive interview with her entire family by UK's DailyMail. The singer of the performance song "Werqin Girl", Shengela Laquifa Wadley, visited her in Simi Valley at Studio 13 Dance, which her mom owned, [3] to thank her for enormous boost in record selling.

Kaycee danced for TV shows and series, music and concept videos, classes and conventions assistance, teaching, commercials and live stage performances. Since joining IMMA in 2014[4], she is considered full professional, in the sense of child labor laws allowed it. She was a member of the dance companies Studio 13 Project Team, Lilbeast, Immabeast, and The Pulse on Tour, where she had studied three seasons as Pulse Elite Protégé under some of world's best in business together with many other prodigies, who are still considered industry world class today and became her close friends as well. She graduated as The Pulse Elite Alumna in 2016.

She got world fame by dancing or starring on many hours of class routines and concept videos in high quality with some of Los Angeles' most influential and established choreographers with millions of hits over the years.

With the age of 15, Weirdo has had already a thumb thick productive and professional record, with a level of summarizing highlights that many professional dancers cannot match at the end of their careers, such as; performing on the TV broadcast with most watchers in American history, 120 millions plus 80,000 in the arena, the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX halftime show, side-by-side with Katy Perry and Missy Elliott with the age of 12; she's also been on the Oscars (2014) and featured in the music video for "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor (2.2 billion hits in 2018) with the age of 11. Performing on the stage with Justin Bieber and Janet Jackson with the age of 13; and many more. In 2018, she announced trying to get more focus on an acting career in future, but dancing remains her main passion. She wants to be on a movie or getting a permanent role in a TV series and is working hard for it to get there.

Kaycee was a guest dancer on the fifth season of Dance Moms and Nickelodeon's School of Rock TV series and The Fuller House. She got her first acting main role on Disney's short film How to catch a ghost and was playing regular Avery James in Brat TVs new series Sunnyside Up on season 1.[5]

She wants also to be a writer, creative in dance and create her own business, travel one day to Australia and Japan, teach and travel around the world soon, meet new people and inspire others. In 2022, regarding her own HP, she is considering herself as an actress now, most likely due projects to which those haven't gone public yet.

She did commercials, for instance, for Walmart and Nike. She won a Nike sneaker design competition and beat out other kids like actress Jules LeBlanc and got Nike sponsorship in where they produced her sneaker design - Weirdo and Nike let her run her own campaign to promote the Nike Weirdo sneakers. Kaycee has a diverse portfolio with dozens of past partnerships on social media - from tech companies including AT&T, Google and Dell, over broadcasters such as FOX, Netflix and Radio Disney, over beauty brands YSL Beauty and Givenchy Beauty, to athletic lifestyle brands such as FILA and Nike, and many more.

She got the nickname "Weirdo" by her mom to describe the not normal behavior of her daughter, which she accepted and made it to her personal philosophy - "Be yourself and be weird." aka have self-esteem and be self-confident and don't care what others think. It seems that Kaycee was a busily student of Bruce Lee's philosophy. She runs a small clothing line had first the slogan "Weirdo - Just be you.".

Weirdo got online home schooled since 6th grade[6] and got A-s straight in first semester of 10th grade[7], showing she has much more to offer than just a high career IQ. Her favorite subject was math. She finds it quite challenging. She also started writing poems in 2018 and has a talent for drawing; especially cartoons. She graduated in 2018 as ten grade with 15 by a CHSPE test, which by state law is equivalent to a high school diploma, because she wanted to work in the industry as legally teen.[8] Otherwise she needed to have due California Child Labor Laws frequently breaks on sets etc. By the way, her school wanted her to skip first grade and move up to second, but her parents didn't want her to do it.[9]

Kaycee is literally famous for being humble and not to take off by success, start bragging or being cocky, even if false modesty seems sometimes ridiculous. Her parents and choreographers conventionalized her to keep ground-standing. If she wants to compare with someone else, she should trying the girl in the mirror or on video. But that was exactly what led to her popularity. Always smiling, in good mood and supportive. She is trying to keep a permanent positive outlook to the world. Her new dance partner Sean Lew said about her "Try bowling with her. She left a trail of glitter and unicorns!" [10] Kindness is her number one must-have feature; for herself and others.[11] This got public interest, because people were asking how a shy and innocent girl deals with the fact, that she was suddenly dragged into an huge spotlight of public eye by Katy Perry's tweet without asking. But she took it cool and ground-standing when "the microphones were pressed in her face" since she was ten. [12] She had never hard feelings about that. On the contrary, she is very thankful that Katy launched her career, mined so many opportunities for her and to quote "being on a crazy ride" ever since.

Kaycee also dances many years as philanthropist, such as for http://www.idance4acure.org, and supporting to fight childhood cancer. Due her engagement and popularity, and those of many other dancers and choreographers, the funds rise very well, financing research and treatments for children with cancer and she personally has had spent some time with kids diagnosed cancer.[13][14] Other engagements by her went public are Muscular Dystrophy Association [15], the BornThisWay/ Foundation[16], Camp Fire Victims, DonorsChoose and the former Lily Sarah Grace Foundation, which supported once to establish practicing arts in classrooms, for cognitive development.

Kaycee began dancing when she was four in a half years old and began competing when she was five years old. Her mother founded "Studio 13" in Simi Valley, where Kaycee grow up, when she was seven years old, to keep up with her basic training; and had to close it seven years later at August 31, 2016 for multiple reasons.[17] Kaycee went daily strait after school (before homeschooling) to the studio for training. Sometimes until late into the evening when her mom was closing the studio. She choreographed first time at the age about 11 or 12 for two of her own hip-hop solos in the studio.

She is trained in various styles of dancing - ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, tumbling, acro and her strongest suits contemporary and hip-hop. Her favorite style was tap when she was younger,[18][19] but It has changed to contemporary and hip-hop later. But she loves actually all styles of dancing and finds challenging to adapt on different styles. Her former partner Gabe De Guzman described: "She picks up choreography really quickly—and she can do any style of dance you throw at her." And Dance Spirit wrote: "Armed with limitless flexibility and a natural expressive quality, Kaycee carved out her place in the competition world as a versatile technical dancer." [20] Her back flexibility combined with her without-first-sign spin and turn combinations with smooth transitions ending in accentuated fierce moves with not too much power became to a kind of trademark of her dance. Derek Hough, who was not used to watch Kaycee stated in The Duels round of World of Dance Season 2: "First of all, your back bend over there, the moment ... *showing move* ... the turn around, was sick, absolute stunning!" She made a stretching routine video, to show how she kept that flexibility. Gabe described her with "She's like Elastigirl from The Incredible. She's that flexible." Her new partner Sean Lew stated: "She has no bones." [21] But actually he should know better after experiencing Weirdo's martial arts unplugged - she has a Blue Belt in Tae Kwan Do - during rehearsals of World of Dance by getting it twice in the testicles and one time straight in his head with her leg, of course accidentally. [22]

According Tricia Miranda's rule "Stop dancing! Start performing!" she is going into class with the attitude, she is on stage and never is holding back. Weirdo is watching the mirror to the minimum and gets full focus on the camera in front of her. That's why on hundreds of videos she is performing she looks like live-on-stage show casing and these videos got up to 60M+ views at the end of 2018. [23] [24] Soon people are realizing that headlining new videos by "ft. Kaycee Rice" or showing her performing in first frame could be always good for a couple millions of additional hits. [25] - One million views equals to at least $2,000 USD income as a YouTube Partner Program member. - Those have given Kaycee world fame by name, way before her NBC World of Dance performances with Sean Lew and makes her a permanent viral phenomenon beginning at the end of 2016 when her mother had to shut down the studio and she massively took filmed classes in LA. And since working together with Sean as duet, they both doubled their individual popularity. Dance Spirit wrote after an interview with her: "I don't feel like I'm a big star," she says. "I'm just a normal person, who loves what she does, and loves sharing it with the world."[26] Humble to the last. By quantity and variety of dances and of getting attention. Kaycee and some other kid dancers are literally a big economical influence on many video editors by making compilation and reaction videos from other videos of or by her, and those increase her popularity again.

In 2017, she was nominated for the Industry Dance Awards for favorite dancer 17 & under, together with Mackenzie Ziegler, Kalani Hilliker, Tate McRae, Bailey Sok and the winner Nia Frazier. At the end of the year, statistically in 2017, she is shown on 6 of the top 50 (12%) most viewed first release dance videos published on YouTube in 2017.[27]

In 2018, she competed with Sean Lew in season two of NBC's World of Dance. Both were nominated for the Industry Dance Awards 2018 for most fierce dancer under 18, together with Charlize Glass, JT Church and the winner Eva Igo. As absolute surprise must be considered her nomination for a Streamys Award - The Oscars of Web - in the category Dance together with 1 million Dance Studio, Dytto (Courtney Nicole Kelly), Kyle Hanagami and the winner Matt Steffanina with still sweet 15 years old. She also started teaching her first dance classes with her own choreography. All of her first three classes of about 80 dancers were sold out in advance.[28] Two months later she was a co-/assistant choreographer for Red Velvet's new music video "Really Bad Boy". At the end of the year, statistically in 2018, her fans were able to watch every fourth day a new taped dance by her (about 90 in total) and she is shown on 12 of the top 100 (12%) most viewed first release dance videos published on YouTube in 2018.[29]

In 2019, she won a Shorty Award in the category "Best in Dance". She was nominated together with Auti Kamal, Brittany Cavaco, Chelsie Hill, Cynthia Irobunda, Dytto, Fik-Shun, Jade Chynoweth, Justin Peck, Omar Z. Robles, Shiggy and The Kinjaz in her category.[30] On the same day she was performing the NBC World of Dance World Final intermezzo show on season three on air together with Sean Lew and Ian Eastwood while NE-YO was singing on stage. They got the honor to be in line with dance legends like Les Twins, Keone & Mari Madrid, Derek Hough, The Kinjaz, The Lab, Charity Anderson & Andres Peñate and Michael Dameski. While still 16 years old, in October, she had her first oversea class teaching - in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic! She was hanging out in the Caribbean for a convention weekend with her mom, Sean, her dance parents Will and Janelle, having a first class flight and of course, a meet & greet like every time. After a short pit stop at home she tried out Maui in Hawaii for a family and birthday week vacation after that. [31] After two taken classes in LA she changed the ocean again and joined Sean in Iceland at Reykjavik for his after-birthday family vacation. [32] - Before jet lack had vanished her next booking in France was confirmed and Kaycee leveled up to international dance teacher, while she appeared first time as a series regular as Avery James on Brat TV and took serious first step towards acting career. From the the End of 2018 until her Short Award in May 2019, she said she got some coolers and described the year as a roller coaster ride, but at the end of 2019 it seems she can watch her career from the top of the hill.

In 2020, she performed with Sean Lew as duet on Justin Bieber's new music video That's What Love Is (CHANGES: The Movement). Kaycee co-choreographed with Sean two episodes of Radio Disney's new series On the One and performed it with some friends, before regarding her roller coaster theory she got her cooler by fracturing her ankle, which means at least 3-4 months off for a professional dancer. She didn't missed much due coronavirus quarantine, but it forced her limping up and down at home and the garden like a tiger in her cage. She used the time for clear political statements against rassism, violence and unreasonal behavior in the pandemic. Kaycee described the last year as really tough for her with a lot of private problems too. However, the up-swing came from her regular client Disney by putting her in the superstar showcase lineup for Radio Disney Presents ARDYs Summer Playlist together with Katy Perry, BTS, Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha, Meghan Trainor, Sofia Carson, Alessia Cara, Ally Brooke, Asher Angel, Loren Gray, Keedron Bryant, Sia, Thriii (the R&B group comprised of sisters China Anne McClain, Sierra McClain and Lauryn McClain), Sabrina Carpenter, Now United, Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie Ziegler, Kylie Cantrall, Anne-Marie, Brent Rivera, Meg Donnelly, Echosmith, Max & Harvey, Sarah Jeffery, Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Sofia Wylie, Issac Ryan Brown, Sky Katz, Alex Aiono, Lindsay Ell, Blanco Brown! A fund raising event for DonorsChoose, a charity that supports teacher projects, helping them bring classroom dreams to life and encouraging their students to be better equipped to thrive. [33][34]

In 2021, Sean Lew's one hour shortfilm "II: AN UNSPOKEN NARRATIVE" - The Short Film" was released on February 27 and Kaycee was starring with many of her friends and some of dance industry world-class. On May 14th, she was teaching her first class at the Millennium Dance Complex LA[35] and broke her mentor JoJo Gomez' record [36] [37], which was already broken by her friend Bailey Sok shortly before being the youngest ever at Millennium. [38] To understand, being a regular teacher or instructor at the "most iconic dance studio in the world" is like getting a professorship in Harvard on other fields - in Weirdo's case with 18. Closing this development with a nostalgic The Pulse on Tour feeling on two days Prodigy Dance Intensive event in St. Louis, but this time as part of the faculty with the tons big awarded grand masters to get her last fine grinding in teaching master students. [39] Now she is ready to experience on her own bones what a pain in the neck herself she was by her own permanent students. - "No, no, no! Don't turn back. They sense fear."[40] She appeared on Olivia Rodrigo's short film SOUR Prom and her music video brutal.[41] [42] In Sep 21, she posted the Princess is leaving Rice Castle now, and will move in her first bought, own house at the age of 18. [43][44][45] If wondering, she has family members in real estate and mortgage business. Two days before her birthday Kaycee made her older fans and herself happy by dusting off the tap shoes after seven years not using them and is united after four years with her former partner Ryan Maw again and still killing it. [46][47][48] On Dec 13, Sean & Kaycee attended the The World Choreography Adwards 2021, the "Oscars of Dance". They were nominated in the category Digital Content twice for their Radio Disney Channel dance videos - Party in the USA and Don't Start Now. [49][50]

On February 25, 2022 she performed as background dancer on Jimmy Kimmel Live for Banks - Holding Back[51][52] and got finally a gig in "small business", which had been denied her for last three years, because she is "such a star". But who considers Jimmy Kimmel Live small business?! To say it with Sean Lew's lyrics "There is a big difference to being me and being successful". On April 10, she performed with Kid Cudi on Kid Choice Awards. She hold online workshops for Mumbai and New Delhi at Jun 9 - 11 in contemporary fusion choreography and three classes at Millennium LA to celebrate JLo's Netflix documentary "HALFTIME" on June 14-16 [53]. In July, she traveled to Europe and visited London, rehearsed and was shooting for a movie about a couple weeks, took a class from Lucas McFarlane she worked with [54], visited Italy[55] and hold a workshop in Sevilla, Spain [56]. Then business as usual like doing a class at the Millennium LA.

In 2023, she posted on her IG to JP Saxe•When You Think Of Me a nice concept video that shows again why Kaycee is considered the Queen of Expressive Performance. Sometimes she is just in the zone when no big camera team is on hand.

Dances[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Solos[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Competition Place Awards
2009 Goodie Goodie Tap unknown Showstopper unknown
Hound Dog Jazz unknown Showstopper unknown
2010 ABC's of Love Tap unknown Starbound (Long Beach I) 1st in Junior Petite Solos
Starbound (Redondo Beach II) 1st in Junior Petite Solos
Starbound (Anaheim II) 3rd in Mini Competitive Solos
Cooties Acrobatic Jazz unknown Starbound (Redondo Beach II) 3rd in Junior Petite Solos
Starbound (Long Beach I) 4th in Junior Petite Solos
2011 All About Me Jazz unknown Showstopper (Anaheim II) 4th in Mini Competitive Solos
Somewhere Lyrical unknown unknown unknown
2012 Evil Gal Jazz unknown KAR (Long Beach) 1st in Secondary 8 & Under Solos
Thunderstruck (Las Vegas) 1st in Junior Solos
Rainbow (Ontario I) 2nd in Elite Starz 9-11 Solos
Favorite Things Lyrical Unknown NexStar (Upland) 2nd Overall NexStar Junior Solo
Junior Miss NexStar
That's Tap Tap unknown unknown unknown
2013 Black Widow Jazz Kristin Abbadini Starbound (Redondo Beach) 9th in Junior Solos
Werk Hip-Hop Tricia Miranda Nexstar 1st in Junior Solos
DaCara Jazz Kristyn Abbadini KAR (Long Beach) 1st - Top Intermediate Solo 9-11
DaFace Tap Joy Mosman Revolution (Upland) Regional Junior Miss Revolution
Gone Open unknown Showstopper (Anaheim II) 5th in Junior Competitive Solos
Starbound (Redondo Beach II) 3rd in Junior Solos
OMG Tap unknown KAR (Long Beach) 1st in Junior Solos
Starbound (Redondo Beach) 2nd in Junior Solos
2014 Flawless Hip-Hop Tricia Miranda Thunderstruck 1st in Junior Solos
Revolution (Upland) 3rd in Blue 9-11 Solos
Trapped Open unknown unknown unknown
unknown unknown unknown Revolution (Upland) 2nd in Junior Superstar Solos
1st Runner-Up for Regional Junior Miss Superstar
2015 Fine Objects Open Zoi Tatopoulos Spotlight Dance Cup 1st in Teen Solos
Hot Stuff Jazz unknown unknown unknown
Misdemeanor Hip-Hop unknown Nextstar 1st in Nextstar Teen Solos
Talk Open Kristyn Abbadin Showstopper (Anaheim II) Diamond Winner
2016 Nerodia Open Zoi Tatopoulos Rockstar 1st in Teen Solos
Spotlight Dance Cup Diamond Winner

Duets[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Other Dancer Competition Place Awards
2010 Car Wash Cuties Jazz unknown Bailey Holt Showstopper (Anaheim II) 4th in Mini Competitive Duet/Trio
2013 Monster Hip-Hop Tricia Miranda Gabe De Guzman The Pulse Getting The Pulse Protégés
2014 This Is Us Hip-Hop unknown Bailey Holt
2016 Control Open Zoi Tatopoulos Gabe De Guzman
Gumball Contemporary Zoi Tatopoulos Bailey Holt Spotlight Dance Cup Diamond Winners

Groups[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Other Dancers Competition Place Awards
2010 He's Back Klaire Wolkensdorfer
Kinsley Holt
Rayline Perez
Abigail Cummings
Showstopper (Anaheim II) 10th in Mini Small Groups
2011 Here Comes Charlie Kennedi Tichy
Elliana Scott
Anneston Pisayavong
Klaire Wolkensdorfer
Kinsley Holt
Rayline Perez
Showstopper (Anaheim II) 6th in Mini Small Groups
Crystal Award
Jungle Love Klaire Wolkensdorfer
Kinsley Holt
Bailey Holt
Rayline Perez
Showstopper (Anaheim II) 7th in Mini Small Groups
Double Platinum
2013 Beat Thieves Hip-Hop Tricia Miranda Breanna Falls
Kioni Gallagher
Parker Gibson
Bailey Holt
Kinsley Holt
Abbigail Hoogveld
Ryenne Jurgella
Hayley Kassel
Nick Messerly
Annestoon Pisayavong
Kylie Rice
Smith Sydney
Clarissa Velasquez
Nextstar 1st in Junior Groups
Crazy Feet Lexi Brosamle
Nikki Chin
Sydney Dyer
Kennedy Feco
Olivia Fine
Parker Gibson
Kaitlyn Gilbreth
Bailey Holt
Kinsley Holt
Bella Leone
Mackenzie Long
Alexandra Markow
Haili Mikkelson
Karlie Mirolla
Ruby Mirolla
Anneston Pisayavong
Alyssa Scott
Ava Shue
Marissa Temme
Showstopper (Anaheim II) 2nd in Mini Small Groups
Crystal Award
2014 Rough Riders Hip-Hop Tricia Miranda Kioni Gallagher
Parker Gibson
Bailey Holt
Kinsley Holt
Abbigail Hoogveld
Brandi Ingrassi
Hayley Kassel
Nick Messerly
Anneston Pisayavong
Kylie Rice
Aubrie Shadday
Spotlight Dance Cup 1st in Junior Groups
2015 Pink Friday Hip-Hop Tricia Miranda Hayley Kassel
Abbigail Hoogveld
Anneston Pisayavong
Aubrie Shadday
Bailey Holt
Kinsley Holt
Kioni Gallagher
Kylie Rice
Becca Perenchio
Alexandra Markow
Starbound - National Talent Competition 1st Place - Teen Elite Group
Showstopper unknown
Sassy Seven Jazz Kristyn Abbadini Kinsley Holt
Violet Osmanson
Becca Perenchio
Rayline Perez
Anneston Pisayavong
Marissa Temme
Spotlight Dance Cup Ruby Winner - Junior Small Group
Six Jazz Kristyn Abbadini Bailey Holt
Kinsley Holt
Becca Perenchio
Anneston Pisayavong
Marissa Temme
Nextstar 1st in Junior Advanced Small Groups
Ethreal Contemporary unknown Haley Huelsman
Tessa Wilkinson
Chloe Smith
Ashtin Roth
Energy 2nd in Teen Small Groups
Revolution Carlie Chaussee
Nikki Chin
Bailey Holt
Kinsley Holt
Alexandra Markow
Ruby Mirolla
Rayline Perez
Anneston Pisayavong
Alyssa Scott
Marissa Temme
Becca Perenchio
Showstopper (Anaheim II) 5th in Junior Large Groups
Crystal Award
2016 That's Right Hip-Hop Allison Buczowski Kioni Gallagher
Bailey Holt
Kinsley Holt
Becca Perenchio
Kylie Rice
Spotlight Dance Cup 1st in Teen Groups

TV Competition Shows[edit | edit source | hide]

America's Got Talent[edit | edit source | hide]

In 2014, Kaycee competed on season 9 of AGT with her dance partner Gabe De Guzman as Kaycee & Gabe. NBC had invited them to take the audition, after their "Monster" video on The Pulse on Tour went viral.[57] But they were eliminated during Judgment Week. [58] Judge Howie Mandel voted "No", because he felt Gabe was much better than Kaycee.[59] He did not know that she had a broken foot [60], because she did not tell. Otherwise she would not being allowed to perform on stage and had to let down Gabe.

tWitch & Allison's Kids Dance Challenge[edit | edit source | hide]

In 2015, the duet with Gabe De Guzman was much more successful on The Ellen DeGeneres Show season 13, where they both won the prize to get a chance being on the Ellen show. At the beginning it was announced that just one kid was allowed on Ellen, but they danced together first round as duo, were been accepted, spitted up for next one [61] [62] [63] and at the end met each other as finalists. [64] However, tWitch & Allison were so amazed by their talent, that they had spoken with Ellen let them both on the show, but they didn't tell, until final duel was battled out. After then they had shown the kids a video of Ellen telling them the good news. On the show, they performed as a quartet with tWitch & Allison, after a short interview by Ellen. [65] Due their success they made it on the Jan 2016 cover of the DanceSpirit magazine. [66]

World of Dance[edit | edit source | hide]

In 2018, on the NBC World of Dance show season 2 she performed with her new partner Sean Lew as Sean & Kaycee, getting second in Divisional Final and they became one of the most popular acts of the show with a lot of special clips and interviews by NBC. They got huge laudation during the show. Jennifer Lopez eulogized them as with "If anyone in this competition can be called prodigies, it's Sean and his partner Kaycee."... "You have a real talent"... "technically perfect"... "You move me in a way I cannot explain sometimes."[67] and actually broke out into tears after Sean & Kaycee had the nerves to perform half of their qualifiers routine blindfolded in front of 8.5 million watchers (air day + 7 days) on national television later (taped 4 months before), making an huge impact in the dance community. Jenna Dewan stated in an interview later: "I swear to you, they are the future of choreography and dance."[68] They unfortunately lost getting eliminated before the finals. After first airing the adorable couple was no longer treated as dance stars, but as common celebrities, who pointed out that they are just best friends and not dating.[69] Below are the scores of the rounds they participated in.

Qualifiers (Silence)
Ne-Yo 97
Jennifer Lopez 96
Derek Hough 95
Duels Round (Grimey)
3 Xtreme 87
Sean & Kaycee 93.3
The Cut (Can I Be Him)
Ne-Yo 88
Jennifer Lopez 94
Derek Hough 94
Divisional Final (The Way I Do)
Ne-Yo 91
Misty Copeland 92
Jennifer Lopez 95
Derek Hough 91

Dance Titles[edit | edit source | hide]

  • Pulse Elite Protégé 2013/2014 - 2015/2016 [70][71][72][73][74]
  • Pulse Elite Alumna since 2015/2016 (lifetime title) [75][76]
  • Miss Petite Starquest
  • Miss Petite KAR 2010 & 2011
  • Miss Petite Encore
  • Regional Petite Miss KAR 2012
  • Regional Junior Miss Revolution 2014
  • Thunderstruck International Top Soloist Title Winner 2010, 2011, & 2012
  • Starbound Miss Star of Hope 2012
  • Rainbow Dancer of the Year 2012
  • Miss Jr. Nexstar 2012
  • Teen Miss Nexstar 2015
  • Teen Miss Dance Icon as well as the grand title champion at Thunderstruck's 2015 International Finals.
  • International Solo Senior Champion Open 2015 Paris

Runner-Up Titles[edit | edit source | hide]

  • 1st runner up for Regional Junior Miss Rainbow Elite Starz DOY 2012

Awards and nominations[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Title Category Nominated Result Refs
2017 Industry Dance Awards Dancers Choice Award -
Favorite dancer 17 & under
Kaycee Rice Nominated [77]
2018 Industry Dance Awards Dancers Choice Award -
Most fierce dancer under 18
Kaycee Rice Nominated [78]
Streamy Awards Subject Award - Dance Kaycee Rice Nominated [79]
2019 Shorty Awards Best in Dance Kaycee Rice Won [80]
2021 World Choreo Awards Digital Content Sean Lew & Kaycee Rice - Radio Disney - "Party in The USA" Normiated [81]
World Choreo Awards Digital Content Sean Lew & Kaycee Rice - Radio Disney - Don't Start Now" Normiated [82]

Brief Resume of the Early Years[edit | edit source | hide]

Before Studio 13[edit | edit source | hide]

Kaycee was grown up in a family who loves do sports. Her entire family did Tae Kwan Do and Kaycee was into it since pre-school.[83][84][85] But she felt, she was like the ‚Lone Ranger‘of her family. When she had to go into a competition and entered the sparring, she let more the other kids kick her than vise versa, because she didn’t want to fight. So actually she didn’t like it and more by fluke her mom put her in a hip-hop class when she was four and she instantly felt she is meant to do this.

Kaycee was five when she stood first time in a competition on stage and felt immediately in love with it and was crying when she left the stage, because she wanted more. She was right from the beginning a natural performer – face expression, lip singing and body language. If you didn’t have the privilege to start your dance career as an infant, you properly know how hard it actually is to do some spine and turn combinations so that looks good without years of training. But Kaycee was rattling it off easy like breathing since she was six – she is a left foot dominated clockwise - and showed very early the unnatural figures to bend her back backwards. In consequence she got very young an extreme strong tummy muscular, core strength, excellent balance and her famous flexibility. And people are still asking, if it doesn’t cause any long-term damage when she gets older. She started very early with tap, jazz, tumbling and acro as well.[86] [87] [88]

Studio 13[edit | edit source | hide]

Kaycee`s mom thought it was a good idea to kill some flies with one slap and founded „Studio 13 Dance“ in Simi Valley where Kaycee grew up - a suburb 25 miles north from LA downtown - keep up with her training, to keep an eye on her daughter, spare some driving time to classes, spare classes costs, earn some money with the studio – and last-not-least – Kaycee’s older siblings Kylie and Devon could be cared about as well, who are three and six years older than Kaycee. Her sister Kylie was a competition dancer as well and part of the Studio 13 project team. So Kaycee got basically her own dance studio, where she could train 24/7, when she was seven years old.

She grew up in a relatively protected environment and - that was very important for her development - she didn’t need make big risks and investments to find friends, because the other kids came to her into the studio as an institution, the daughter of the owner. The parents described her as very shy at these days.

Her training in Studio 13 was not well documented for outsiders. It seems she got more versatile in ballet and lyrical when she was 8 years old.[89] [90] Gene Tapia was her first teacher and regarding Kaycee Kristyn Abbadini and Joy Mosman choreographed many of her solos in the early days. But her competition results speak for themselves. She was without shadow of a doubt a very talented young lady, but considering the currently about 350 north-American dancing organizations and companies, who are crowning their regional, national and international champions and supporting thousands of very talented young dancers out there, not that much special. But Kaycee properly didn’t care. She was just looking forward to next competition season to rush out with her friends and sweep the board of trophies. Kaycee said the other dancers hated the Studio 13 dancers, because they occupied most of the parking places at the location for their camping lounge. Her biggest ambitions beyond competitions were becoming a teacher at Studio 13 when she will be grown up and maybe one day take over the studio from her mom.

But then something happened set her more apart …

Tricia appeared[edit | edit source | hide]

Tricia Miranda started her career actually in ballet. As a young girl she tried to cover the dance moves from TV in her hometown Yuma in Arizona. Still in these days she is bringing some of her meanwhile famous dance students into town to the Yuma Hip-Hop Festival and makes the event of national interest.

She started as a trained ballet dancer -- calling herself a "chola ballerina" who shaved the sides of her head and rocked hoop earrings and dark lipstick while donning her ballet shoes. The look became to her personal brand. In her late teens she co-directed a ballet company and received a full scholarship to the prestigious Joffrey Ballet in Chicago. But her dream was to be like the dancers she saw on television and her inspiration Tina Landon.

After moving to Los Angeles at the age of 21, Miranda knew it was time to truly pursue her dreams and was properly struggling like most pro dancers at the beginning. Her "big break" happened just three years later at 24 when she was cast as a dancer on Beyoncé's "Ladies First" world tour (see Filmography - Concept Videos - Game of Survival - RUELLE - FORTYONE ) and she later became a staple in the touring, video and dance industry.

However, she wasn’t always treated that way and she often complained about the demanding, unfriendly and impolite working atmosphere. One day after 12 years, she was finally fed up during the filming of Spears' "Circus" video. - "My knees were bleeding from doing groundwork in the gravel, and I was just starting to feel over it -- and I remember never having that feeling before, It's not fair to take a spot from a hungry dancer who deserves to be there just to get a check. I'm not that person, that's not for me." - And she quitted her job as professional dancer on the top of her game – forever – and switched to full time choreographing, teaching and creative directing and got soon an equal reputation.[91]

Regarding Kaycee, one day one of her teachers (she didn’t say who) tried to match up Tricia with Kaycee. First, he/she talked to Kaycee’s mom that she needed to take Tricia’s class; and on the other hand he/she insisted to Tricia, that she urgently needed to see the little girl he/she discovered at Studio 13. At the beginning Tricia wasn’t very excited, because it was pretty rare that she let any kids in her classes. But one day annoying was successful and Tricia visited Studio 13 and Kaycee took her class.

Kaycee said she completely failed. Of course, she did. That happens if you take an unprepared university test in elementary-school. Tricia hardly ever taught kids. Why she should adjust her teaching methods to one kid she just met?! But she was properly impressed how far the nine years old munchkin got (she calls Kaycee still today "munch"), before she “finally broke out curve and smashed into the mirrors”, compared to the professional dancers in Tricia’s masterclasses, because she took instantly a grab on her and made her to her very first permanent kid student.

But since then Weirdo had her first permanent world-renowned industry dancer and teacher, who really worked personally with some of the biggest artist, such as Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Brittney Speers and Black Eyed Peas, to name a few, a former top dancer in hip-hop and – last-not-least – someone with Tricia’s business opportunities and educational networking to give her the full doses of the highest industry standards. Before Kaycee and Tricia it was absolutely unique that a nine-years-old had such an industry giant in her corner.

The Story of “Werk” – The Competition[edit | edit source | hide]

One day Kaycee’s mom asked Tricia if she minded to choreograph a hip-hop solo for Kaycee’s next competition season. But this was considered unwise and cocky these days. Many judges had their objections and pre-conceptions against the sometimes vulgar lyrics with these lewd, unsmooth movements and considered it impropriated for kids. Not a good chance for winning.

But Tricia choreographed “Werk”. The rest became history. So she was standing on stage in her green top, white jacket, booty and won the NexStar national competition for top soloists with her very first hip-hop solo with a lot of fierce and intensive movements. Maybe it was the very first hip-hop solo ever won a national open competition. It was very special moment for Tricia and Kaycee. First time with a hip-hop solo; she killed it. First time choreographed a hip-hop solo for a ten years old kid and she won the nationals. These were moments when Tricia and Kaycee formed a bound beyond mentor-student relationship, despite their huge age difference and today they are spending often some free-time together, joking around, giving each other some sarcastic side-kicks and keep it beyond business and training. Working with Kaycee changed completely Tricia’s attitude about kids and she became a teacher and mentor for many very young dance talents.

So, they put the taped video of Kaycee’s dance just for fun on YouTube and had no clue, what was coming down from the pike later …

The Story of "Werk" – The Blow Off[edit | edit source | hide]

Four months after she did her “Werk” performance, one of her fans commented on one of her photos on Instagram that Katy Perry just tweeted her “Werk” solo. Little Weirdo went confused to her parents and told them about it. They thought at the beginning it cannot be for real, must be a fake account and got really excited about it, while Kaycee (10) had no clue what was going on here and kept it by a simple “Cool!”. But then the parents explained her proudly, that the princess of pop, who has sold over 150 million records, pointed on her video by link to her entire over 38 millions Tweeter followers and many already forwarded it to their followers such as RuPaul and Wadley.

The effect was an instant blow off of the video counter and it got trendy. In these days it might be normal that dozens of dance videos go viral per day, and especially it’s normal for Kaycee that one of her dance performances passed over a million views, but in 2013 it was very rare, and about a non-televised kid dance competition, it was pretty much unique. It got so much attention of public eye that CNN bothered to live interview her. Sadly the entire promotion process is not well documented.

When Shengela Laquifa Wadley visited her at Studio 13 in Simi Valley, they talked about the lot of inspiring comments people left under the video, but actually the milk turned sour very fast. Mean and disgusting comments appeared more often and suddenly her mom had to jump in as personal firewall to protect her daughter from the trolls, perverts, haters and overreacting parents. Her entire family started to get wet feet, had to learn the hard way to deal with both – fan-storms and shit-storms – and needed to develop an elephant skin.

Well, the promotion effect didn’t last forever. After The Queen Latifath Show the “Werk” got more and more forgotten. But it peaked there when Kaycee found a big golden label on her cabin door with her name on it and the credits of her choreographers and family were keeping the train roll forward with new gigs and projects afterwards.

To be continued …

Print Media[edit | edit source | hide]

Newspaper Articles[edit | edit source | hide]

Date Newspaper Title Subject Notes Refs

Icon vs. Icon

Sage Charmaine keeps it real in the new video for "Around" Sage's new video after "June" went viral and had on Spotify 200k turns. (see music videos) Sean & Kaycee performed on it in a retro look of the 50-60's. [92]
2019.10.24 The Strats Times Dance influencers see social media as their calling card" How dance stars such as Taylor Hatala, Kaycee, Delain Glazer or Kida the Great, James Derrick (BDash WoD season 2) use systematical social media for business, promotion and financing of their carriers. "You have an entire generation around the world who identifies with her," Mr Shapiro says. "Kaycee is reaching 13-to 18-year-old kids and shaping what kind of entertainment they like. So when she grows up and produces bigger projects, she'll have fans whose values she's shaped." [93]
2019.10.18 The Washington Post Janet Jackson hired her as a backup dancer. Instagram made her a star. How dance stars such as Taylor Hatala, Kaycee, Delain Glazer or Kida the Great, James Derrick (BDash WoD season 2) use systematical social media for business, promotion and financing of their carriers. “The difference between Paula Abdul at her start and Kaycee Rice is that Kaycee analyzes the data behind her videos, like engagement and retention rate,” Shapiro says - chief executive of Ensemble Digital Studios, an artist management company, who has Kaycee as his client. [94]
2018.05.30 The Daily Mail Talented teen dancers reduce J.Lo to tears while performing BLINDFOLDED on World of Dance in powerful routine about love and romance that earned a standing ovation from every judge About Sean Lew & Kaycee's qualifier performanace at NBC's World of Dance You made really an impact when people still talking about and remember on a dance performance two years later. [95]

Dance and Sports Magazine Articles[edit | edit source | hide]

Date Newspaper Title Subject Notes Refs
2019.08.26 DanceSpirit Five Young Choreographers Using the Internet as Their Stage How Bailey Sok, Josh Killacky, Julian DeGuzman, Taylor Hatala and Kaycee use social media as launch pads for their choreography. When Rice shares her work on YouTube, she hopes fans will see that she's still learning. "Your imperfections are what draw people into your journey," she says. "They help viewers realize that you're human." [96]
2016.11.23 ESPN Magazine Balancing homework and Hollywood -- the real life of dance parents About the efforts, secrifices and risks of a successful dance career. Risks and benefits of using social medias. Side-effects for kids and families in show business. An really excellent article from Sean Hurd. Well, Kaycee expierenced clearly not a "Michael Jackson Childhood Trauma", especially considering the burdens and pressure to be a professional since she was 11 years old. But the article described the dark side of it. But also most impressive, despite her success, she gets it managed having a lots of fun, lives her life and handles the typical teenage pubertal problems  as well. [97]
"If the day-to-day tasks seem daunting, grooming the next wave of dance superstars is no easy undertaking either, nor is it cheap. Since committing full-time to their children's careers, the parents unanimously said that between travel, hotels, classes and studio time, a family could expect to spend anywhere between $30,000 and $36,000 per year on dance-related expenses.

It's no secret that the dance industry is extremely cutthroat -- only so many performers can go on tour with Beyoncé after all. Television shows like the Lifetime Network's "Dance Moms" have attempted to depict the industry's competitive nature. Ultimately, the show has created a limited image of what it means to be a stage parent. It's a portrait that many agree isn't exactly accurate either. The Rices, who appeared on the show in recent years, described the experience as a negative one, adding that they wouldn't do it again if given the opportunity. "Shows like 'Dance Moms' gives parents a bad rap in the eye of people who are not involved in the industry," said Kaycee's mother, Laura Rice, who formerly owned Studio 13 in Simi Valley, California, where her daughter used to practice. "You know, there's drama, but nothing like that show."

The lives of Aidan, Kaycee and Taylor -- plus those of their respective families -- were completely altered once their performances exploded in the social media sphere, prompting a huge role-of-dice commitment. And as you might have guessed, there is no guided path for success in this game -- it's all essentially trial by error for the somewhat new industry. "We just started getting our feet wet," said Brad Rice, Kaycee's dad. "There was a lot of good, and some negative that came out of it. It was getting through that gray area and learning about things. We just wanted to protect her."

Actually, the life of a dance parent could easily be summed up in a single word: sacrifice. The levels of sacrifice among families range from the simple but time-consuming act of shuttling kids to daily classes or castings to more extreme levels like prioritizing your child's career over your own and quitting your job.

Laura said that private lessons for Kaycee could run as high as $200 per hour, and commissioning a piece of choreography for a competition or project could run a bill ranging from $500 to $1,500.

"Parents think that it's easy because they see successful kids shooting up to the top," Laura Rice said. "What they don't realize is how many hours, the time, the dedication, the expense and everything else. Not all kids want to do this, and not all kids can handle it either. You need to have a lot of thick skin as a parent and as a child."

While some jobs do pay the kids, Brad Rice says the dance industry is not a lucrative business, not yet anyway. "Dance hasn't come quite as far as other fields of entertainment," he said. "In dance, you do a lot of work for very little pay. When someone sees a kid getting all of this exposure, they immediately equate that to stardom, and stardom which creates all this income. But it really isn't that for the dance industry."

All three sets of parents said that they have been criticized by people who disagree with different aspects of their children's pursuit of a professional career at such a young age. Teresa said much of the passed judgment revolves around the language of hip-hop lyrics, and the type of choreography the kids are performing, which is often described by critics as lewd and inappropriate for kids. While the parents understand the concern and acknowledge the potentially mature subject matter their kids can be dancing to in any given class, at the end of the day for them, it's just dance -- the underlying meaning associated with the lyrics is subjective. "When dancers dance, especially at a young age, they're not thinking the way adults are seeing it," Laura Rice said. "Sometimes their bodies move in certain ways. You can't teach children to dance that way, they just dance."

"When people say 'you have to be all in,'" Teresa said, "we are all in."

Quotes[edit | edit source | hide]

About Kaycee[edit | edit source | hide]

  • "Kaycee is an alien! ... She is the most passionate dancer I have seen in my entire life." (JoJo Gomez- behind-the-scenes documentary "Growing pains")
  • "Keep on shining, my little rock star!" (Nika Kljun - when Kaycee was first time assisting Nika in her class)
  • " ... the one and only 'Kaycee Rice'." (Brain Friedman, actually @kayceericeofficial, his birthday congratulations when she turned 16)
  • "I saw Kaycee and thought, 'Oh, you're mine.' " (Tricia Miranda, when she first time entered Studio 13 in 2012) - And soon her Munchie [98] initialized Tricia's mother instinct by putting out Kaycee's superpower 'cute, charming smile', turned the iron pro who had never taught kids into a pro dancers mommy, who tells the kids all the secrets to be successful in the dance industry, and suddenly the studios are exploding by tribbles .
  • "Queen shit!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍" (Tricia Miranda's comment on Instagram, when Kaycee celebrates her first anniversary in her own house, what she has accomplished, how she has developed, blabla...)[99]
  • "She is fearless as well." (JoJo Gomez - behind-the-scenes documentary "Growing pains") - Yeah, messed up á Capella solo, Katy Perry's tweet, performing on The Oscars with Pharell Williams, SuperBowl Halftime Show with Katy and Missy, get introduced by Justin Bieber in full arena to about 42,000 people, performing with broken bones twice and blindfolded dancing on NBC primetime. - That has to be the hell of a gig Kaycee might be shocked. She admits often gets very nervious before the show or standing in front of a big crowd, but when the music goes on and she starts dancing she gets in the zone in seconds.[100] However, she described herself as very shy and social awful person, until she has used to someone. Then her laugh is mostly trying to hide her insecurity.
  • "I love Kaycee Rice! She is one of my favorite dancers of this generation, because she is so hard working and be number one of all things. She is such a sweet person; and LA can turn a lot of kids and make people with big heads and egos, especially when they play in the line light she is. She is one of sweetest people. She gives beautful comments. She always comes and says 'Hi!' to me. She is like always makes my day, and makes me smile. She works so hard. She gets better every time she takes class. And she takes everybodies class, and she does all styles. I love Kaycee Rice ... and she inspires me." (Jade Chynoweth) [101]
  • "She's too nice! Whenever we ask her opinion in rehearsal, she just shrugs her shoulders and giggles." (Gabe De Guzman) - In 2020, she finally got it: Everyone's darling is everyone's fool![102]
  • "She is the worst decision maker, too." (Sean Lew)
  • "Not a great choreographer." (Sean Lew on air at To the Pointe) - and Kaycee instantly agreed and got some stress later. - Our master student is claiming on air not to be a great choreographer? An embarrassment for the entire dance industry! - And it to took reverence four months later, when Sean served under Kaycee co-choreographing Red Velvet's music video "Really Bad Boy" as member of her "skeleton crew".

By Kaycee[edit | edit source | hide]

  • "When I dance I want always people feel inspired. Dance makes me feel alive and initialized by people you love and people who love you. The energy is nothing but contagious and it feels like family." [103]
  • "I'm Kaycee Rice and I encourage you to be bold, be brave and be inspired." [104]
  • "Dance is my life. I do it 24/7. And even I didn't want to dance for even one second, I would still be dancing." [105]
  • "Life without dance would be really boring. I properly would be one these people sitting on the couch, eating chips, playing video games. I'm homeschooled too. So I wouldn't get any physical activity. It would be boring for me, because dance is my life. - Yes!"
  • "Make sure that you are thankful for everything you have, because in a second it could be gone" aka carpe diem. [106]
  • "... people leave hate comments and stuff. I just don't let it effect me or bother me, because, you know, I live a life to the fullest and loving what I'm doing and I love the people around me and I'm thankful for that. So I don't listen to the hate comments. I just go on with my life and do what I love."
  • "... just ignore it, ... Because there's always going to be haters no matter who you are or what you do." aka "Don't feed the trolls!"
  • "One of my biggest fears is never being enough. Sometimes I doubt myself because I’m such a perfectionist so whenever I feel like I can do better, I get in my head. It’s also a tiny bit terrifying putting yourself out on social media because you don’t know how people may react. Sometimes I see comments saying that I’m “not good enough”, and other phrases like that. And this is what I see a lot online not only towards me, but to so many talented, hard working, kind human beings that inspire me. I try not to let what others may say about me affect me but words can cut deep and put negative thoughts into our minds that may be out of our control. Dance is the one thing that will always make me realize why I do what I do. I dance to inspire and feel inspired. I dance to portray a raw, true message that others can connect to. Dance helps me break out of my shell and let others see the vulnerable, human side to me. I use my fear of “never being enough” and use it as fuel to my fire. I know I’m not the “best” because there is no such thing. I am always a student and I’m constantly learning. Some days aren’t my days, but as long as I love what I’m doing and I’m making others happy, that’s all that matters [...] we were told to write one superpower. I chose to write “being unapologetically ME” because I feel like being myself not only helps me, but inspires others to embrace who they are. My message is that you shouldn’t worry about what others may think of you because we are all the same in a way. We all go through the same problems at least one time in our lives whether we realize it or not. Always just be yourself and never change just to get someone’s approval. We are all imperfectly perfect in every way and that’s so beautiful. Spread love, positivity, kindness, and just be you! also, in my lil improv, I did a throwback to 'wild things' because that moment was so special and always makes me feel free' (KC's IG Comment to JoJo Gomez's class 'Broken And Beautiful' Kelly Clarkson)
  • "If you never built a pillow fort before, you have not completed your childhood."
  • "Never give up, follow your dreams and take the critics from your teachers to become a better dancer!" (Interviews in 2013 by DancingWithYT and These Kids have Talent at the age of ten.)
  • Q: What is the most valuable thing you learned so far? Kaycee:... how important is it to put yourself out there and just living life, because sometimes you forget, mixed that with of a bunch of work or staying at home for a long period of time and being alone. I have learned being alone is much more damaging to yourself than being with other people who love and support you, just to have fun with. This is one of the most important things I learned so far. Just have fun with life and being more open." (KC's Q & A in 2021 on IG at the age of 18)

Fun Facts[edit | edit source | hide]

  • Kaycee's favorite color was blue, but it changed to brown, earthy colors now, her favorite number is 13, her favorite sweets are dark chocolate, her favorite morning drink was green or ginger tea, but it change to coffee and prefers to tee in the evening and her favorite food is steak or shrimps with fried rice.
  • She likes to play Boggle, watching movies and the series f.r.i.e.n.d.s.
  • She is a regular visitor at Disneyland LA and once in Disneyland Paris as prize of all-inclusive trip for being grand title champion and Miss Teen Dance Icon Thunderstruck International Finals 2015 for attending World Final and twice in Disneyworld Orlando. As alternative she is visiting frequently Universal Studios, too. She is going annually with her family in the dessert for new years. She takes frequently a vacation in Hawaii.
  • Regarding IMDb Weirdo used to be a stunt girl for Mackenzie Foy in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, but that seems to be an one-time event until now.
  • She liked editing funny musical.ly videos when she was younger. [107] But she switched to Tik Tok later, which seems to be her personal goof and choreo element archive now. [108] [109] [110]
  • Kaycee is good in playing cards; she has always a set in pocket. Regarding Sean Lew she is in general good at sport games; [111] frustrating her friends and choreographers. But sometimes they strike back. [112]
  • Matt Steffanina challenged Kaycee three times to check out her limits and didn't find any. First time he made Kaycee together with Bailey Sok dance to his worst choreography he could think of, chosen by a random selection of subject and song. But they killed it by Ariana Grande's "Thank u, next!" for "Grocery shopping". [113] Second trial was challenging Kaycee together with Sean Lew, after they performed blindfolded on NBC's World of Dance, if they can do it again when they have to learn the choreography blindfolded as well. But they killed it again. Just Sean got a little bit more beaten by Kaycee during rehearsals than usual. [114] Last attempt, he tasked her to learn an entire masterclass routine and perform it flawless within 10 minutes, which normally took 1-1.5 hours to learn. And she killed it in her first attempt - after 6 min 27 sec! [115]
  • She has a sense for dry and sarcastic humor. Sometimes she is a creepy exorcist too, but it is unknown if anyone really had been posessed or was just choreographing. [116] Well, this question inspired the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for Anti Vape Commercial with Kaycee. For the record, Kaycee is a militant non-smoker.
  • She likes to go swimming and waterboarding at "the lake", snorkeling in the ocean and she used to ride motorcycles and quads, had already a helicopter ride and recently has been riding a horse and a snowmobile. - Shooting, parachuting and fencing are missing ... Ms Croft. Skip fencing might be better, because last time she took a Katana in hand she didn't even cut the fruit in equal halfs.[117] So much for perfectionist. Since 2020 she is a NASM certified health & fitness trainer as well.[118]
  • She described herself as a tomboy person. She was wearing in a sort of self-irony occasionally sweaters with a label "TOMBOY " or "Boy" on videos and is rarely wearing dresses, skirts, heels or make-up. Dancing in heels was more a kind of job that's evil for her. This was an occasional concept in past before she preferred wearing her own or Nike merchandise. Most famous her "BAD 1" team jersey. In 2019, lipstick gets to a kind of standard and she took her second heels class. She had preferences for plaid shirts, hoodie sweaters with hand pockets in front, pair of paints with a bunch of holes and her reactor seems to need a lot of extra cooling, because she is often dressed tummy-free during classes. She is regularly modeling for some photographers and designer who worked permanently with dancers in Avantgarde fashion, such as Erica Mer, Oth'Than and Romy Young, even Kaycee doesn't match exactly the standards of a supermodel. 5 feet 2 inches tall, not very curvy and a jutting chin. But Edna doesn't bother. "Supermodels. Heh! Nothing super about them… spoiled, stupid little stick figures with poofy lips who think only about themselves. Feh! I used to design for gods!” So now she has violated even Edna Mode's safety rule too: "No capes!" But Edna was already offended years ago, when "Elastigirl" went to Nike to get her "Hobo Suit."[119] [120] [121] In 2021, Kaycee wanted to be pointed out that she doesn't want to be stereotyped by her look, because her aesthetic change on a daily basis. [122][123]
  • Kaycee celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah. He favorite time in the year is Chrismas.
  • She danced on America's Got Talent with a broken foot and on a national dance competition with a broken arm. Last her dance group won. She has already an inflexible left tumb. She factured her ankle at Feb 2020 and re-injured it again in Aug 2020. For more expertise about "never holding back" and "live your life to the fullest" we switch to our expert for mass injuries Dr. Chan.
  • After a resurrection, the first person she would like to talk to would be Debbie Reynolds.
  • She becomes a huge fan of the rock band Queen and would like to work with them. Good choice, but working with Beyoncé is properly more likely.
  • She started practicing Tae Kwon Do before dancing, being certified Blue Belt. She also likes practicing Joga and she started with boxing in 2021.
  • She is suffering on common west-coast "like" disease during unprepared speaking. The 10-year-old Kaycee was much more eloquent than the 15-years-old one.
  • She is the worst at remembering names of people she knows. But the good thing by "Alzheimer" is she learns every day new people.
  • Her currently most embarrassing moment: When she was performing on a dance competition a á Capella solo (taping without music). She thought in the middle it might be cool to repeat last steps and forgot the rest of the dance by that. After few repetitions of the last steps she finally stopped, shrugged the shoulders, said "I forgot" and went off stage, while the entire theater room was laughing. And she "really" appreciates, that her family taped the whole thing, so it can be watched over and over again.
  • She is struggling to get into gears after waking up. She explicitly warned not to mess with her when she is still booting and kindness feature isn't online yet.
  • Weirdo is the perfect fusion of anal-retentive and messy nerd. Correction: Real nerds suck at sports. She keeps precise records, but just decreases the entropy in her room, when it needs more time to find something than to clean up ... and/or her excuses running out for going to him instead. She is also an expert in procrastination. A typical nerd feature for things they don't like to do or hasn't an huge impact, aka laziness. So keep in mind that early announcements of visits are appreciated.[124]
  • After a long working day she likes to take a shower, got to bed and fall asleep during watching Netflix. She described herself as pretty lazy. In 2019, she said that is stretching before she goes to bed or after getting up and sitting , doing nothing, drives her crazy. What annoys her most are slow walkers in front of her, when she wants to pass. Well, Weirdo isn't obviously hypo-active, but that she is some sort of workaholic proves the 50+ feet long Wiki page here.
  • "For safety purposes, only dancers with a ticket will be allowed to enter the building. Parents must drop off and pick up students at the main entrance, and may not bring them into the building. No observers will be allowed on the premises under any circumstances." (one of Kaycee's promoters for her masterclasses) - Either visitors risk to get tackled by Weirdo's bodyguards or her choreography went really wild.- But the dancers are always trustworthy and safe.
  • She got her permanent driving licence at her 17th birthday; after she finally reached by 5 feet 2 inches down to the pedals and hit them with shoe size 7. We hope she is driving clean; will keep in formation and hit the accents. Otherwise the world is looking forward to her pirouettes. But timing was never her problem. [125]
  • In Feb 2020, YouTube listed about 428,000 videos she occurs. There are 41 fan Instagram accounts and 8 YouTube fan and compilation channels she tolerates. There also have been spotted already 108 international Kaycee Rice fan groups and pages. But that's nothing against the Seaycee maniacs. To mention one thing: Wattpad.com is listing at Jun 2020 about 2,800 short stories and 527 e-books where Sean & Kaycee are the main protagonists. Bestsellers such as "Talking Bodies" have already 200K+ views. The biggest celebrity couples cannot match this and they become an interesting psychological phenomenon.

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Kaycee Rice/Gallery
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Kaycee Rice/Professional Stage Credits and Convention Assistance

References[edit | edit source | hide]

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