Josh Hyland

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Josh Hyland
Josh Hyland.jpg
Gender Male
Age 24
Birthdate April 27, 1999
Nationality American
Hometown Murrysvile, Pennsylvania
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Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
School Grade {{{school grade}}}
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Hockey Player
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Dance Studios Abby Lee Dance Company (former)
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Friends and Family
Parents Kelly Hyland (mother)
Randy Hyland (father)
Siblings Brooke Hyland (sister)
Paige Hyland (sister)
Friends Chloe Lukasiak
Pets Buddy (dog)
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Josh Hyland (born on April 27, 1999), is a former young male dancer turned hockey player. During his short-lived dance career, Josh danced at the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh, PA with his two sisters Brooke and Paige Hyland.

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Trios[edit | edit source | hide]

Mr. Touchdown - unknown genre (with Paige Hyland and Chloe Lukasiak) - 2007

  • unknown scoring - Fire and Ice Talent Competition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1st overall primary prep duet/trio - Onstage New York Nationals in New York City, New York

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