Jordan Nata'e Wandick

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Jordan Nata'e Wandick
Jordan Nata'e Wandick.jpg
Gender Female
Age 21
Birthdate April 19, 2002
Nationality American
Hometown Bakersfield, California
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Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
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Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Affiliations So You Think You Can Dance
Dance Studios Dancers Turnout Academy of Dance
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Friends and Family
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Friends Maddie Ziegler
Tate McRae
Ruby Castro
Emma Hellenkamp
Jake Monreal
Daniela Avanzini
Kida Burns
Sheaden Gabriel
Ava Cota
Sophia Lucia
Bostyn Brown
Diana Pombo
Brooklin Cooley
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Jordan Nata'e Wandick (born on April 19, 2002) is a young dancer/singer/actress from California.

She competed in season 13 of So You Think You Can Dance and was the third of the top ten to be eliminated.

She is currently doing a series on YouTube called Me.

Dances[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Solos[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Competition Place Awards
2013 Fireball Shelby Walls KAR
2015 I'm Dat Chick Jazz Shelby Walls KAR
2016 Control Kyli Delis KAR (Fresno) NYC All-Stars
Starpower (Fresno)
Precious Lord Shelby Walls KAR (Fresno) 1st in Intermediate 12-14 Solos
Starpower (Fresno) 2nd in Intermediate 12-14 Solos
2017 Lost Contemporary Hall of Fame (Ontario)
Shakes Lyrical Hall of Fame (Ontario)

Groups[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Other Dancers Competition Place Awards
2012 Flaunt It Gabriella Duey
Ashlynn Victory
Iynea Garrett
Kerrigan Weldin
Aoi Iwashita
Leah Lui
Lupe Covarrubias
Myka Steele
Sasha Lei
Saylor Greer
Logan Yates-Long
Showstopper (Anaheim II) 6th in Mini Large Groups
Lil Swagger Alysa Lui
Ashlynn Victory
Dakota Steele
Iynea Garrett
Katelyn Olmos
Kerrigan Weldin
Reece Greer
Troy Lei
Aubrey Olmos
Myka Steele
Showstopper (Anaheim II) 8th in Mini Large Groups
2015 How Will I Know Brooke Jordan
Emily Fick
Natalie Garcia
Alexis Carnine
Gabriella Duey
Brea Steele
Showstopper (Anaheim) 9th in Junior Small Groups
Crystal Award
Piece of B Brooke Jordan
Natalie Garcia
Emily Fick
Alexis Carnine
Showstopper (Anaheim) 10th in Junior Small Groups
Crystal Award
2017 Hold On Lyrical Camila Diaz
Natalie Garcia
Dakota Steele
Myka Steele
Ashlynn Victory
Hall of Fame (Ontario) 8th in Junior Small Groups
Showstopper (Anaheim III) 2nd in Junior Advanced Solos

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Jordan Nata'e Wandick/Gallery

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