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Joanna Marie Gomez-Okimura
Gender Female
Age 30
Birthdate July 9, 1993
Nationality American
Hometown Fairview, New Jersey
Height 5' 3"
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
School Grade Class of 2011
(Holyoke Catholic High School)
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Dance Teacher
Celebrity Choreographer
Creative Director
Affiliations Clear Talent Group
Dance Studios Millenium Dance Complex LA (2014-present)
Titles see below
Friends and Family
Siblings George Gomez
Pets 4 dogs (Princeton, Dextor, Newbie. Arlie) [1]
Nicknames JoJo
Joanna "JoJo" Marie Gomez-Okimura (born on July 9, 1993 as Joanna Marie Gomez in Fairview, New Jersey) is a professional dancer, dance teacher, celebrity choreographer and a creative director from South Hadley, Massachusetts, with Latino and Greek roots, living in Studio City, Los Angeles, CA.

Training Programs[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

For people who cannot attend at the studios or conventions when JoJo is teaching, she offers already an complete intensive training and educational program for ambitious pro dancers. This is NOT a recreational program and is meant for dancers looking to elevate into pros. But she offers also online tutorials for everyone else. There are also planned to offer "on camera experiences" and "traveling heels intensive" courses. [2]

Team JoJo[edit | edit source | hide]

  • Savana & Serena Petruzello. Until 2019 JoJo had two dance assistents and pro industry dancers themselves. Their partner look on dance videos was not a fluke, they really are twins. In 2019, they started their own business - Zello studios in Peabody near Boston and wanted bring LA industry dancing to Massachusetts. And of course, JoJo came to help kick off their business.[3]
  • Donovan Okimura. Donovan is trained in different styles of dance from hip-hop to ballet and had his pro break trough in 2012 when he performed on live television for CBS "Paula Abduls: Live To Dance" and FOX TV's "MOBBED". In January 2015, Donovan officially moved to LA, where he worked closely as an assistant for JoJo Gomez and Brinn Nicole. In his first year, he has performed for several live shows (LA Fashion Week, Carnival, Club Jeté, Phlextravaganza) and for several music videos and projects. Since then he has been a showcase choreographer for Club Jeté and has also taught joint and assisted with JoJo Gomez all around the U.S and is one of the studio mentors of Millenium Dance Complex in Denver. In 2017, he started dating JoJo and the collaboration gets closer in all fields. In last years he focused more and more on photography and filming and did all videos for JoJo, including editing JoJo Gomez's TV, founded RUDEntertainment and got more and more the opportunty do music videos and commercial work for major brands and for clients who are not from the dance world. [4]

Personal Life[edit | edit source | hide]

JoJo is currently married to Donovan Okimura.[5][6][7]

Quotes[edit | edit source | hide]

By JoJo[edit | edit source | hide]

  • "Dancing sexy needs confidence."[8]

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JoJo Gomez/Gallery

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