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Jade Jacqueline Chynoweth

Gender Female
Age 25
Birthdate August 21, 1998
Nationality American
Hometown Park City, Utah
Height 5'4"
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
School Grade Class of 2017 (Pioneer High School for the Performing Arts, Homeschooling)
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Affiliations Sunkissed Styling (fashion, styling and modeling)
Jade X Fuego (design sneakers)
ImmaBEAST (former)
E-Kidz (former)
Global Artist Agency
Work! Talent Agency
mn2S Agency (Agent UK Sharron Elkabas)
Manager Tiffany Kuzon
One Manager More
Manager Emily Seipel (former)
Dance Studios Dance Tech Studio (former)
Titles see below
Friends and Family
Parents Shurene Hensley Chynoweth (mother; jazz teacher)[1]
John K. Chynoweth (father, sales manager global logistics)
Siblings Dylan John Chynoweth (oldest brother)
Jager Kole Chynoweth (older brother)
Friends Carlito Olivero (boyfriend)
Alex Aiono (ex romance)
Kaycee Rice
GiaNina Paolantonio
Gabe De Guzman
Charlize Glass
JT Church
Josh Killacky
Gev Manoukian
Larsen Thompsen
Tessa Brooks
Sean Lew
Janelle Ginestra-Adams
William Ginestra-Adams
Pets 6 dogs: - new dog puppy Kenai, a Husky, since Feb 2024 [2]
- Kitty aka Butterfinger † in 2020 at the age of 16 (about 87 dog years), who she got as birthday gift when she turned 6
- Kirra aka Shakira (female family dog nicked by her blond curls) † about 2019
- her boy Rastafarian Rocco † in 2020 (named by his caribbean curls)[3]
- Jager's dog Gigi, a husky
- Moki, who she got as dog puppy in April 2020 [4] [5]
Nicknames Jade Bug or JaDeBug

Jade Jacqueline Chynoweth (she pronounced shi-NRF (see the video for pronunciation); born on August 21, 1998 in Park City, Utah) is an American dancer, choreographer, actress, model, stylist, entrepreneur (startup phase) and social media personality living by job needs either in Los Angeles, California or Park City.

Jade got world fame by name as a constant cast of the famous YouTuber Scott David Winn and by get featured in many hours of class, concept and convention videos of Los Angeles' most influential and established choreographers with hundreds of millions of views total.

She had her debut as actress in 2014 in the epic action film 300: Rise of an Empire at the age of 14. Since that Jade got hooked and is focusing on an acting career. Dancing is her second passion, where she is a prodigy star since her age of 10 and a prominent, often requested industry dancer and instructor around the world.[6][7][8][9][10] Further she is a successful model and was doing health & fitness online courses, creating personalized workouts and nutrition plans until 2019.[11]

She got finally recognized as great actress by her role Sophia Peach on the science-fiction thriller feature Max Winslow and the House of Secrets. She is also very known for being regular main Odalie Allen on the Starz/YouTube Premium series Step Up: High Water on three seasons of 30 episodes. She appeared on the big budget features Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Step UP: China ($17M USD, big in China). She had a recurring role as Kathleen Nolan on the TNT television series The Last Ship on 13 episodes. She appeared on the TV series Going OFF, Dr. Fubalous, Just Us and Alone Together. She was featured on the movies One by One, and MIAO. Her latest role was on horror movie Scared to Death which is finished as of May 2024, but there is no release date yet.[12]

Biography[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Jade grew up in the quiet small town of Park City, UT, where she began training at the age of two in her aunt’s small basement studio. A bit more like dress-up in tutus than dance at that age though. Later, she studied at Dance Tech Studios also rooted in Park City, where she took classes in tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop and pointe.[13] She described her family as middle class. Her mom took some efforts to earn money for Jade's classes by teaching jazz classes herself. Jade got a lot from her handsome mom (*1968). Her bother Dylan was playing high school football and a hell of a Running Back. He was playing college football for the U.S. Naval Academy later[14]. He didn't pursue a military career and became Jade's marketing adviser and personal manager, but not full-time professionally. All family members had attended university/college except Jade. Her other brother Jager was playing football for the Park City high school team as well, who is hanging a lot out with Jade these days and her dad was with them (John's killas). Jade was dancing and her mom was with her. The Chynoweth are very family-oriented - Easter 2024 Gathering. “I would do dance competitions every weekend and take class every day after school until 9 pm,” she was remembering about baby Jade.

She has got more than a few tricks up her sleeve, with a repertoire that includes b-boy standards, such as, suicides and head hollowbacks by being inspired by her two super-athletic brothers. She credits also Gev Manoukian with helping her perfect her power moves, who was mentoring her since she was 9 years old. The two first met in 2008, when he visited Chynoweth’s studio to teach a master class right after finishing his run on “So You Think You Can Dance.” Impressed, Manoukian asked Chynoweth’s mom if he could coach the young dancer, and an awesome match was born: Not only did he start choreographing Chynoweth’s competition solos, but he also invited her to shadow him and his b-boy crew. Thanks to Chynoweth’s tumbling skills, the two were able to hit the ground running. She got the talent, with a chameleon-like ability to go from hard and athletic to heartfelt and lyrical. She’s put in the work, training for countless hours with the world’s best teachers and choreographers later. And in addition to won major competition titles. Some competitions were even televised, but after that much time it gets hard to summarize her success. Some videos found - Jade Chynoweth & Allie Sherman- 2010 No Longer A Child, Jade Chynoweth-Barbie Blackout 2010.

She also scored a coveted spot as one of The PULSE on Tour’s 2010/2011 Elite Protégés, which meant an one year full scholarship including tuition, housing and traveling cost for studing under some of the world's best in business on a touring convention, at that time with top choreographers Dave Scott, Mia Michaels, Cris Judd, Laurieann Gibson and Brian Friedman. She was the youngest ever earned that title at the age of 12, until baby Kaycee Rice joined in 2013 at the age of 10, and was about a year Dave Scott's personal assistant during the convention. Jade on The PULSE Fashion Show 2010, on Dave Scott Intensive Piece 2011. It was Friedman who had the biggest effect on Chynoweth, influencing her stylistic choices, helping her master choreography more quickly. He booked Jade in 2013 - Jade Chynoweth & Josh Killacky at Pulse on tour and 2015 for the convention. She was also a member of E-Kidz, a youth hip-hop group ran by Dave Scott and was doing a Microsoft commercial with some of her crew fellows. Her work with The PULSE spilled over into her professional life when she teamed up with a bunch of other talented young PULSE alumnis to form a crew called The Protégés to make it onto MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew.”, but they didn’t earn a spot on the main show. That moment was a turning point for Jade Bug. Moving forward, she was committed to a commercial career. Still today the Pulse Elite alumnis are considered as industry world class (The PULSE On Tour). Many of her choreographers pushed her into a professional career. Choreographers who inspired her when growing up were Gev Manoukian, Janelle Ginestra, Tucker Barkley, Travis Wall, Blake McGrath and many more.

By 2011, she was traveling with her mom to L.A. regularly to audition for dance gigs, a city where the cost of living are killing you compared to Park City. Regarding an interview with the parents of Kaycee Rice, Taylor Hatala and Aiden Prince by ESPN in 2016, since committing full-time to their children's careers, the parents unanimously said that between travel, hotels, classes and studio time as well, a family could expect to spend anywhere between $30,000 and $36,000 USD per year on dance-related expenses.[15], which Jade's family couldn't afford in full amount and there had to be some cost-cutting and reduced time spending, personal hardship and sacrifices to path Jade's career for herself and her family. "I was just kind of going back and forth between Utah and LA starting around 12 years old. My weekly trips eventually became monthly and then multiple months at time. It’s kind of hard to say when I 'officially' moved out, but maybe around 14." she said in an interview with Euphoria. She thinks she was blessed having such a supporting family, who she never took for granted. "We sharing meals and we were sleeping on the floors, when we came from conventions," she was remembering being with other kids. "I saw it even at a bad thing, because I didn't realize it was because of money or anything." Jade thinks, by that she has appreciated her accomplished career milestones much better, because without the struggle, she doesn't feel actually happy, when she reached her career goals and is celebrating her success. She also thinks, she had to become much faster mature than "normal" kids at her age by being professional at such young, travelling around under that cost, time and success pressure - a typical self-perception among industry dancers, who started very young being professional. [16] - Teen Jade at the age of 10-12. At her times there were about five auditions a week, sometimes two on a day. These days she said, there is only an audition a couple months, because people get booked directly just by their social media presence. She said also that she realized very young she cannot be a one-trick pony and has to be an entrepreneur, doing innovative things first.

She performed on the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2011, which was her first job and 2012 with Will Smith as dancer.[17]She danced at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in the Britney Spears tribute piece and stood next to Beyoncé while waiting backstage. [18]

She was on top choreographer—WilldaBeast, Tricia Miranda, Janelle Ginestra, Brian Friedman, Yanis Marshall, Nika Kljun, Alexander Chung, JoJo Gomez — and odds front and center in one of their most popular class videos. In Scott David Winn’s comedic videos, she got to show off both her dance and her acting skills, was playing or choreographing everything from a Disney princess to Twilight’s Renesmee to Hillary Clinton between 2014 to 2018 with 272M+ views total as of December 2023. She got also featured of the music videos "Yummi" by Justin Bieber, Player WON - Welcome to Oz by Nick Galarza ft. Fik Shun, Konkrete, Vibez, and Jack Griffo as well, choreographed by "Wildabeast" Adams, Enrique Iglesias, Descemer Bueno - Nos Fuimos Lejos ft. El Micha and "Machika" dance video, song by J. Balvin, Jeon and Anitta, where she did also style and choreography and Alex Aiono – Work The Middle - choreographed by WillDabeast Adams. Alex really hit on Jade (after that leap dance understandable), was kissing her on tour later and got his cooler by going different paths afterwards, but they stayed friends.[19], "I would say this a perfect example of social media acting as it was intended, a networking tool. Alex and his team hired Will (Willdabeast) and asked for myself and a few other dancers. It was such a fun project and Alex and I very close to this day." she said in an interview, Elvis Presley (Rubberneckin') Extended Remix. She is also featured on the Mindless Behavior music videos "Girls Talkin' Bout", she performed also in 2012 with Mindless Behaviorfor the same song on the Ellen Show and My Girl (Remix) ft. Ciara, Tyga, Lil Twist.

She was performing in commercials for brands Nike, Puma, Samsung, Microsoft; Fanta, Toyota, Spotify, Red Bull, Fenty, Savage, Maybelline, DanceOn X American Eagle Outfits and Charlotte Russe.

Jade Chynoweth describes herself as an adrenaline junkie, having attempted everything from high-level ropes courses to an Olympic ski ramp. Dance is a form of communication for her. Well, so in Step UP: High Water she had an underwater communication to get the adrenaline kick. It is a method of communicating and conveying to others your true feelings and emotions. Jade values her family and is inspired by her two athletic brothers. She is close to her fellow dancers and competitors, and she believes that competing brings them closer together and helps them develop their individual styles.

Jade completed her high school courses online, graduating a year earlier in 2016 at the Pioneer High School for the Performing Arts. In 2014, she applied for an acting scholarship at the Margie Haber studio by performance video. It does't gone public if she got it, or about anything of acting training and education. She took training at JA Crooms to increase her action potential - show case.

About 2014, when she was 16, she shared the smaller room of an apartment in LA with her mom and another dancer - Logan - with her mom, who they met on a convention. At that time, she was more in LA than in Utah. When both teens were grown up and the chaperons were no longer needed, the young ladies became best friends and shared the apartment or room (not clear) for seven years [20], even after Jade got the role Odalie in a casting showdown against her roommate in 2017, meant they didn't see each other for some time, because shooting was in Atlanta. Jade thinks, it is really hard to watch your friends having success by getting their dream job while yourself feel constantly been cut. She lost some "friends" after she succeeded, when they got envious. So if she gets a juicy booking she doesn't want to tell anybody and celebrating, because she doesn't want to feel them bad. But this time it didn't work. Jade said, LA has a kind of filter system or noodle drainers. Only people made it, who can deal with the bunch of 'no'-s for stupid reasons they got frankly bold strait into their faces - "too fat", "too skinny", "too busty", "too flat", "too pretty", "too ugly" and most painful of all "too good" aka "over-qualified", Extended blade of grass will be cut (Japanese saying). LA would be very competitive and there is always a competitive air between anybody, she said. "You don't like me, because I'm good?! What does that mean?" Jade remembered about a clash with one of her class mates. If they cannot forget it, like nothing happened and don't moving themselves back into the ring for next audition, they will properly make it not very long and go back they came from. "Everybody says 30 No-s to one Yes," she reported as guide rule. In 2019, she got her own apartment in Atlanta by herself, for shooting Step Up: High Water and left LA finally about 2020 later during COVIT-19 pandemic. Since then official residence is Park City after Step Up was canceled after third season. There are three things she loves about Utah: Her family, the nature and dogs. [21]

She first appeared as the Street Dancer in 2012 comedy musical series Dr. Fubalous in the episode Episode: "Training Day Off" produced Canadian and at that time Utah living YouTube Director and Producer Scott David Winn, who brought Jade to world fame by his hilarious short films later and pushed her acting career by those. Her debut film role was playing as introduction of the storyline the 13-years-old Artemisia in the 2014 epic historical fantasy war film 300: Rise of an Empire at the age of 14, before Eva Green took over the main part as adult Artemisia, where she had already a sword fighting scene. She thinks she did it so well, because there wouldn't be much difference between dance and fight choreography. So directors and producer recognized the action potential of the acrobatic, athletic, bodybuilding and handsome Jade (audition video). Two years later she got another small role in the big budget feature Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice where she played a young girl named Carmen, who got rescued by Superman, the fulfilled teenager dream. In 2015, she was starring on web series Just Us with Logan Riley Hassel (trailer). Following after that she got a recurring role as the daughter of the destroyer commander and marine Kathleen Nolan on 13 episodes of the post-apocalyptic television series The Last Ship, and had already some action scenes like gun fighting and car chasing - E3, S4xE4, S4xE5, S4xE6, S4x7 with Jade.

Jade was on the MTV series “Going Off” in 2016, helmed by choreographer Tricia Miranda. Tricia, the woman who taught Beyoncé as her background dancer hip-hop, got finally public eye by her class videos with millions of views. One day broadcaster ABC was ringing Tricia's bell, like we noticed your class video has already 44M+ views. What is going on here? And Tricia pointed on the kids Jade, Kaycee Rice and Aiden Prince and told them they were drawing that much attention and had already a fanbase by their own on social media of millions of followers. So MTV thought there is a market for a reality show. In total, Jade appeared already on class videos with hundreds of millions of views; gave her world fame by name as well, such as Tsar B - Escalate - Choreography by Alexander Chung, "Baby Shark" | Aliya Janell Choreography, Missy Elliott - I'm Better ft Lamb - Willdabeast Adams Choreography, "Sweet Dreams" Beyoncé - Yanis Marshall Heels Choreography or Tinashe - Party Favors - Choreography by Jojo Gomez. "I would say that the 'Bitch Better Have Money' video choreographed by Tricia Miranda was the catalyst. That said, I started in the industry around the same time that platforms like Instagram started getting popular so there was a sense of immediate, organic growth from the start." she said in an interview. But Tricia properly supported Jade's career most by SHARAYA J "BANJI" LIVE AT Choreographer's Carneval in LA 2013, where she met Missy Elliott backstage and a lot of other choreographers later influenced her career. Jade had the advantage along with dancers, such as Tessa Brooks and Larsen Thompsen, that she was a couple years older than the rest of Tricia's munchkin prodigies and got all the job offers, they couldn't do.

In 2016, an action short film Girls Just Wanna Have Fight ft. Lilly Singh & Jade Chynoweth by Derek Poeblo went viral, where Jade is beating the crap out of seven guys going after her and her friend played by Canadian social-media superstar, television host, comedian, actress and writer Lilly Singh. Derek is specialized in commercial and brand short film making, and knows Scott David Winn well. By Scott's videos and her 300-Artemisia scene, Derek knew Jade could do some fighting, although she is not trained in martial arts. Derek shot two behind-the-scene about the production and the fight choreography.- Doing more action. She is really a villain. She was also killing it to Flume - Never Be Like You feat. Kai | Janelle Ginestra(-Adams)'s choreography with her partner Josh Killacky.

In 2017, she was playing one of the USA Phantom Dancer in the final battle with some her real life ImmaBeast fellows in "Step UP 6: China - The Year of then Dance" (Trailer, Behind-the-scenes). But the featured film needed three years being released, maybe for political reasons. Jade joined IMMA 2011 - @Beyonce - Countdown , "Ladies Choice" | by WilldaBeast Adams, Jovanie - What's The Move Dance and stayed a member until about 2021 - Make it Rain REMIX ft @TPAIN - over 10 years, because she felt quite comfortable between her Immabeast fellows, who were much more supportive than others, didn't get envious fast and she developed a close friendship to Will and Janelle Ginestra-Adams. They choreographed exactly into a dance style she likes.

From 2017 to 2022 she was a long term regular cast by playing Odalie Allen on the Starz/YouTube Premium series Step Up: High Water on 30 episodes; the spin off of the famous Step UP features. On the set she learned later her long term boyfriend Carlito Olivero as well. Sadly the show got canceled after third season.[22] Starz has canceled the drama series after its one-season run on the network and the satellite TV station got sold in 2016 to Canadian broadcaster Lionsgate. The first two seasons of the Lionsgate TV TV-produced Step Up ran on YouTube. After the Google-owned company in 2019 pulled out of the original scripted business, leaving the series in limbo, Lionsgate-owned Starz stepped in and picked it up for a third season, serving as a series finale. Lionsgate has been scrutinizing its balance sheets as the company is preparing to spin off its studio from Starz next year though sources indicated that the cancellations are largely product of fiscal austerity in a very tough economic environment as media companies are stepping up cost-cutting measures. Inspired by the Lionsgate film franchise, Step Up follows the drama, scandalous romance, betrayals and rivalries told through the intersection of the worlds of music and dance within a highly sought-after performance empire. It centers on Sage Odom (Ne-Yo) as the legendary founder of Atlanta’s famed High Water Performing Arts School and Collette (Christina Milian), his partner in High Water and in life. Milian took over the role of Collette, which was originated by the late Naya Rivera, in Season 3. [23] Just YouTube Premium alone, former YouTube Red, had in September 2022 80M+ paying subscribers and was available in 110 countries. Dance Compilation Moments Season 1 and Season 2. Subscription for entire show s1-s2, Season 3 Subsciption.

In 2017, Jade was also nominated with Josh Killacky on the World of Dance Industry Awards for the category Dance Video of the Year by her concept video "Greed | A Story", Take You Down - Chris Brown - Willdabeast & Janelle Ginestra Choreo. Further she was named the Up & Coming Female of Year at the World of Dance Awards 2017.[24] On January 2017, due her success she made it on the cover of the DanceSpirit Magazine The Jade Factor - Why is everyone obsessed with Jade Chynoweth.

In December 2018, she appeared on The Voice dancing while singer Halsey performed her song "Without Me". Halsey's team contacted her two days before the performance. The performance received backlash for how Halsey "sensually" danced with Chynoweth; the backlash in turn was criticized as homophobic and Halsey defended her performance. Jade pointed out how well she was treated by Halsey. The celebrity sent her personal manicurist for making her nails, got her being among the stars etc, which the celebraties normally doesn't do for their dancers and are often treating them to quote Jade more like "the bottom of the food chain". In 2020 the collaboration with Helsey had a sequel by the Savage x Fenty fashon show. She performed also on the Teen Choice Awards with her Step UP: High Water fellows.

In 2019, she got first time critics eye with the science-fiction thriller Max Winslow and the House of Secrets (Trailer), where she played Sophia Peach, one of the five candidates who is trying to escape Winslow's house. She was nominated as best actress on the Burbank International Film Festival for her role. In the same year she was featured as Capri in the TV action movie MIAO. But then the Coronavirus quarantine hit her. She filled the closure of the studios by teaching classes, fitness online courses and modeling. - Some shots of the beauty, Sunkissed Styling. Jade stands 5 feet, 4 inches and she rocks a 33-24-35 figure plus occasional celebration dinners short term (Hotness Rater November 2022) - Sexiest Moments. Like JoJo Gomez said, dancing sexy needs confidence and Jade clearly appears very self-assured. She was also nominated for a Shorty Award in the category "Best in Dance" together with Auti Kamal, Brittany Cavaco, Chelsie Hill, Cynthia Irobunda, Dytto, Fik-Shun, Justin Peck, Omar Z. Robles, Shiggy, The Kinjaz and the winner Kaycee Rice in her category.

As of December 2023, Jade Bug has about 2M+ Instagram and 750K+ TikTok followers, and 152K+ YouTube subscribers.

In 2023, she did her last film to date, which was the horror movie Scared to Death where she played Champ, which is currently in post-production. Then for five months, the WGA Strike, and for three months the SAG-AFTRA strike hit her. Many film projects got on hold, were postponed, got new, prioritized or even new concept or cast. So it is currently hard in general for an actress to find consecutively a new role. But she wasn't sorrowing and grabbed Carlito, or her brother Jager or who ever she could find and toured around the world in 2023. She worked also with startup Fuego on a collab sneaker design Jade x Fuego available since September worldwide. [25] One of her career goals is still being a main/lead cast on a featured film.

In 2024, Jade renewed her The Experience - Europe Tour from April to May 2023 to The Experience 2, together with Kaycee Rice this time. Fixed bookings were through France, Switzerland and Portugal from January 12 to January 22.[26] On January 13, 2024 in the 6ème sens school in Tourcoing, Hauts-de-France, France - Jade's Intro, Jade & Kaycee's intro, workshop, Pro Femke Vanbecelaere (BEL),Noemi Simón, Julie. On January 14, 2024 at the Movement Dance School, Kaycee's class in à Neuchâtel, Switzerland about 50 km western of Bern at the Lake Neuchâtel. On January 19, in collaboration by the Hype and Jazzy Dance Studios in Lisbon, Portugal. Mormon's sermon (fan edit by SERGI (ESP)). On January 20, 2024 at the Bcenter Dance SchooL in Annecy at the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France also together with Lauriane Davier. post-class speech, duet with Kaycee, Q & A, dancing to Fix You by Coldplay. The reactor behind the JC tummy needs clearly some extra cooling. On January 21, 2024 at the Urban Team in Geneva, Switzerland - Urban Team. Combo class with Kaycee, combo workshop, Jade's workshop with Kaycee, Kaycee's workshop with Jade. Rockstar's Tour Dairy. For March 7 - 10, 2024, she announced to attend the NMDF convention in Athens, Greece again at the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens (OAKA).[27] Despite an all-in ticket price of € 420 the convention was sold out.[28] - After work party dance with Carlito, Summer Walker - Tonight, J'calm - W.Y.N, Saint Harison - ego talkin' | Nicole Kirkland's Choreography. On April 1, at UDC Salt Lake City, Utah - “N’y Pense Plus”. Next class was on April 24 at Mihran K. Studios - REMA “Charm”. Then freestyling UDC SLC again.

Dance Titles[edit | hide | edit source]

  • The Pulse Elite Protégé 2010/2011
  • The Pulse Elite Alumna 2010/2011 (lifetime title)

Accolades, Awards and Nominations[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Title Category Nominated Result Refs
2017 World of Dance Industry Awards Dance Video of the Year Jade Chynoweth & Josh Killacky - Greed: A Story Norminated [29]
2019 Burbank International Film Festival Best Actress Jade Chynoweth - Max Winslow and the House of Secrets Norminated [30]
Shorty Awards Best in Dance Jade Chynoweth Norminated [31]

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Dance, Fashion, Lifestyle and Fitness Magazine Articles[edit | hide | edit source]

Date Newspaper Title Subject Notes Refs
2016.12.12 DanceSpirit Magazine Why Everyone's Obsessed with Jade Chynoweth by Jen Jones Donatelli About Jades professional life as dancer and a brief bio. Every professional choice Chynoweth makes further develops her unmistakable style, which she calls “a balance between hard-hitting, energized movement and slow, sensual movement.” Having such a big dance toolbox helps her keep her audience guessing. “When you’re having a conversation with someone, there might be points where you raise your voice or whisper—you don’t yell the whole time,” she says. “I believe you need all of those elements to keep people interested and wanting to watch. To me, dance is a conversation." [32]
2018.06.25 Entity Magazine Entertainment: Meet Jade Chynoweth: Dancer, Actor and Fitness Influencer by Cristina Pimentel About Jades professional life as dancer and a brief bio. Chynoweth has also become quite the entrepreneur. She just gave fans something to feast their eyes on. For $19.99 a month, people can join her Fit2Beit Lifestyle and see dance and workout videos, watch vlogs, read her blogs and get a peek into her meal prep. [33]
2019.02.19 Next Big Thing Mag #31 Jade Chynoweth America's Terpsi Chore About Jade as goddess of dance and Chorus; Muse of Music and Ballet. Terpsichore [34]
2019.03.01 EUPHORIA. Magazine March 2019 Jade Chynoweth Interview or Q & A with Jade About Acting, Dancing Career JC: "I had been preparing for something like this my entire life. For me, the preparation was really focused on being my best in mind, body, and soul and trusting myself to make good decisions as an artist. ... I think I pushed myself to improve even more this season. When you have a previous season to reference, you are able to watch yourself and grow toward a better you. My goal is to always be improving myself in all facets of life." [35]
2019.04.19 Cliché Magazine Jade Chynoweth Jade About Acting, Dancing, Step Up Inside, cover star Jade Chynoweth talks her passion for acting and dancing, her role on Step Up: High Water, and more; [36]
2019.05.01 Composure Magazine #21 The Ones To Watch - Jade Chynoweth by Min A. Lee Interview with Jade About Acting, Dancing, Fans, Family and Friends JC: "I’ve learned that authenticity is key to having longevity in this industry. If you aren’t yourself, people will eventually see through that, or you’ll just be unhappy trying to be something you’re not. In any position of influence, you voluntarily put your life under the microscope. I realized that it’s important that I present myself in a real way and have enough self-love to shake off any negativity. I want people to be a fan because I actually do something cool and stand for something genuine." [37]

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Date Platform Title Subject Notes Refs
2019.01.17 Apple Jade Chynoweth Is More Than A Dancer by Ron "Boss" Everline No Matter The Game Podcast. Jade and I talked shop about her path to becoming a dancer and how she is working hard on her acting. We also discussed how health and wellness play a huge role in her success. Turn in to hear me and this youngster chop it up and as always, let us know your thoughts by leaving a review. [38]
2019.11.08 Apple Jade Chynoweth - On Her Journey as a Dancer, Performing with Halsey, Loving Yourself, and What's Next For Her Career by Tatiana Carrier About Jades professional life as dancer and a brief bio, about current and future protects. With 2.4 Million followers on Instagram, a stacked resume of TV/Film credits, and live dance performances with the world's top artists, Jade Chynoweth has taken the entertainment world by storm. On this episode, Jade shares her story of leaving everything to move to LA., the sacrifices she and her mom have made for her career, the importance of being true to yourself, and how Instagram changed the game for her dance career. We also talk about what it's like to work with artists like Halsey (goals) and what inspires her weekly Self Love Sunday talks. [39]
2020.02.12 i Heart Dance Mashup: featuring Kaycee Rice, Sean Lew, Jade Chenowyth, and Jojo Gomez by Tatiana Carrier About the intros of professional lifes as dancer and their brief bios. During this episode we feature dance phenomenons Kaycee Rice and Sean Lew - bff child prodigys turned industry legends. We talk to the always inspiring Jade Chenowyth, who's unique style and positive attitude have allowed her to take the world of dance by storm. You'll also hear from the one and only Jojo Gomez, who's incredibly innovatie choregoraphy and exceptional skill have made her popular with top music artists and insta-fans alike. The combined forces of these four dance powerhouses...unstoppable. [40]
2021.02.09 Poddtoppen.se Alex Aiono: Let's Get Into It Falling in love with a friend. Crossing the Line with Jade Chynoweth & Blake Wexler Is it worth it to cross the line and risk turning a friendship into a relationship? Alex explores that question with dancer (and ex) Jade Chynoweth and comedian Blake Wexler. From successfully crossing the line to potentially destroying an important friendship, they cover it all - including a tour-stop rendezvous, the wizarding world of dating reveals, and why you should only discuss the future of your relationship over (bad) Mexican food. [41]

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  • “She is the Olympian of dance.” (Will “WilldaBeast” Ginestra-Adams)
  • “When she would perform her solo at competition, people would run into the theater to watch her. It’s pretty rare to find someone who can do contemporary so well and then get on her head and whip out crazy break-dancing tricks.” (Gev Manoukian)
  • “Jade is one of the most outstanding dancers I’ve seen in a long time. Her maturity and versatility are rare, as is her respect for others at such a young age—it’s beautiful. She is definitely one to watch out for.” (Tyce Diorio)

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  • “Brain Friedman was always pushing me to be better than I was in the last class." (her memories from the The Pulse of Tour)
  • "Since I’d studied acro and could do back handsprings and tucks, it was easier to work on tricks at a higher level, like windmills and headspins.”
  • "For me, acting and dancing are both about telling a story. I feel like whenever I’m doing one, it also improves my abilities at the other. I just put as much time as I can into being the best version of myself and hope that it shines through in my work and performance."'
  • "It’s been awesome watching artists appreciate dance. For me, the first real recognition from an artist was from Chris Brown when he reposted my performance of “Privacy” choreographed by Nicole Kirkland." (Interview with EUPHORIA.) Later, for instance, Zara Larsson "Wow"-ed her for her "in his shirt freestyle".
  • "Q:If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be?" - J: "That not everyone has to like you. If you are following your heart, there are bound to be people who aren’t interested in seeing you succeed. Do you and keep pushing to be your best self."

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  • Jade is a member of the 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints' (short LDS or Mormon Church) who are the majority of Utah citizens. This forced her to some compromises between her dress code and her needs as dancer, model or for some roles and the conservative perspective of her religion. But meanwhile Bikini seems to be no problem.[42] In Utah hip-hop dancing is not allowed under the age of ten.
  • As of December 2023, Jade is dating actor, singer, songwriter, music producer and dancer Carlito Olivero (Carlos Emmanuel Olivero). They learned each other in Step Up: High Water by script when Carlito played Davis Jimenez and later in real life in 2017. Carlito is about nine years older than Jade.[43] Sometimes they have some strange mating rituals, like Klingons. The Mr & Mrs Smith foreplay really works?!? And they can do a lot of positions. Carlito was v-logging the time with Jade a lot, like their time in Costa Rica, on a cruise ship, in Tunesia or at Coachella. However, this cannot go on forever. After Step UP: High Water got canceled they have a kind of long distance relationship and missing each other a lot for some time periodes.[44]
  • She enjoys riding horses. Especially with her entire family in Utah.[45] This was actually a natural development after she got too big for riding her dogs.
  • She is good in borrow shooting and could bring food on the table in post-apocalypic days. But she has to wear her glasses. It's unknown if she can do it riding from a horse like the Indians. She could take courses from a Navajo clan next corner, if they would break with their tradition: Squaws don't hunt. To avoid those problems she could attend next Yabusame or Kyūdō tournament like Tōshiya in Kyoto next time she is visiting Japan. Dancing in front of Fuji Mountain. But she is definitely better with the Katana.
  • Jade's appearances on High School Dance Battle: Geeks vs Cool Kids in 2015 and HIGH SCHOOL DANCE BATTLE - GEEKS vs JOCKS! in 2016 could have a unexpected sequel. After Scott David Winn recovered from his long term struggle with Chronic Lyme Desease, he moved with his family to LA and has met producer legends Lorenzo di Bonaventura and David Womark. They got inspired by Scott's high school battle series and are working with Scott as director currently on pre-production of a musical, drama and comedy in feature length with the working title "Port Hope: High School Dance Battle".[46] Port Hope is the name of the high school in Ontario, Canada where he and his wife graduated. And considering the type of features the producer made, people got really keen to find out what is going on here and Scott's old cast of his short films, including Jade, hopes to get in later in a bigger budget feature. Sean Lew seems to be already a part of the prep crew.[47]
  • A German company sells carton cutouts of Jade in size of 1,90.5m (6 feet 2 inches) and her real size. Already 233 costumers have assessed the product. [48]

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