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Hope Gabriella Roberts is a young competitive dancer from New York.

Dances[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Solos[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Competition Place Awards
2011 Gold Mystic Ballet Gianna Martello DEA Gold
Fire & Ice Platinum
Dance Masters of PA Gold
DEA did not place
2012 Winter Fairy Ballet Gianna Martello Hollywood Vibe Platinum
Fire & Ice 13th in Teen Solos
Fire & Ice did not place
Jump High Gold
DEA Platinum
Fire & Ice Platinum
Nexstar did not place
DEA did not place
2013 White Swan Lake Ballet Abby Lee Miller Sheer Talent did not place
DEA Platinum
Sheer Talent did not place
2014 Explosions in the Sky Lyrical Abby Lee Miller Jump did not place
Sheer Talent did not place
WCDE did not place
Hollywood Vibe did not place
Fierce 3rd in Teen Solos
2015 Show Me Lyrical Abby Lee Miller Hollywood Vibe did not place
NYCDA Platinum
JUMP VIP Runner-Up
Sheer Talent 5th in Senior Solos
Sleeping Beauty Ballet Sheer Talent Titanium

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