Haley Grieco

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Haley Rose Grieco

Gender Female
Age 24
Birthdate November 21, 1999
Nationality American
Hometown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
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Professional Information
Profession Dancer
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Dance Studios Abby Lee Dance Company (2004-2011)
Dance Expressions by Erica (2011-2018)
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Friends and Family
Parents Steve Grieco (Father)
Siblings Marissa Grieco (Sister)
Olivia Grieco (Sister)
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Haley Rose Grieco (born on November 21, 1999) is a dancer from Pennsylvania, who joined the Abby Lee Dance Company in 2004. However her time there ended in 2011, after that she joined other studios like Dance Expressions by Erica.

Dances[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Solos[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Dance Title Dance Style Competition Dance Awards
2008 Going Bananas Acrobatic DEA (Pittsburgh) 2nd in Small Fry Solos
Dance Masters of Pittsburgh 2nd in 7-8 Solos
Fire & Ice (Pittsburgh) did not place
Onstage NY (Pittsburgh) Flexibility Award
2009 I’ve Got No Strings Acrobatic DEA (Pittsburgh) 3rd in Junior Solos
DEA Nationals (NYC) 3rd in Junior Solos
DMA Nationals Top 10 Finalist
Dance Masters of Pittsburgh Petite Miss Dance of PA
Fire & Ice (Pittsburgh) 1st in Mini Solos
2010 My Pa Acrobatic DEA (Pittsburgh) 2nd in Junior Solos
Dance Masters of Pittsburgh 1st in 9-10 Solos
JUMP (Pittsburgh) 2nd in Mini Solos
High Gold
Onstage NY (Pittsburgh) 5th in Advanced Mini Solos
2011 Grace Acrobatic Starbound (Pittsburgh) 4th in Junior Solos
2012 Unknown Acrobatic Dance USA 4th in Junior Solos
Ticket to Broadway (Pittsburgh) Unknown
2013 My Spine Acrobatic Extreme (Pittsburgh) 7th in Senior Solos
HYPE (Pittsburgh) 9th in Teen Solos
Ticket to Broadway (Pittsburgh) 8th in Teen Solos
Beyond the Stars (Pittsburgh) 1st in Teen Solos
2014 Unknown Unknown Dance USA High Gold
2015 Unknown Unknown Beyond the Stars (Pittsburgh) 3rd in Teen Solos
2016 Pompeii Lyrical Ticket to Broadway (Pittsburgh) 4th in Senior Solos
2018 I Will Always Love You Lyrical Showstopper (Pittsburgh) 9th in Senior Solos
Beyond the Stars (Pittsburgh) Diamond

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