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Dylan Naber (born on August 3, 2002) is an American actor, singer, dancer & voice-over artist from California, who's sister Cassidy danced and trained at various studios.

Dances[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Duets[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Other Dancer Competition Place Awards
2017 Dangerous Hip Hop Cassidy Naber Showstopper (Anaheim III) did not place
KAR (Redondo Beach) 2nd in Secondary 12-14 Duets/Trios
Rainbow (Redondo Beach) did not place
Starbound (Redondo Beach)
The Pulse (Atlantic City)
Countdown 2nd in Junior Duets/Trios

External Links[edit | edit source | hide]

  • Instagram
  • [hhttps://www.youtube.com/@dylannaber YouTube]