Donovan Okimura

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Donovan Lawrence Gomez-Okimura

Gender Male
Age 28
Birthdate March 5, 1996
Nationality American
Hometown Murrieta, California
Height 5'4"
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
School Grade Class of 2014
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Dance Teacher
Creative Director
Director of Photography
Film Maker
Affiliations Clear Talent Group
Temecula Dance Company
FORMALity dance crew
Dance Studios Millenium Dance Complex LA (2015-present)
Titles see below
Friends and Family
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Nicknames Rudeboy, Koji

Donovan Lawrence "Rudeboy" Gomez-Okimura (born on March 5, 1996 as Donovan Lawrence Okimura in Murrieta, California) is a professional dancer, dance instructor, choreographer, creative director, director of photography (including photograher, camera man) and film maker, and an amateur gamer (with a preference for ego shooters[1]) from Murrieta, California, living in Studio City, Los Angeles, CA.

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Donovan is currently married to JoJo Gomez.[2][3][4]

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