Claire Scott

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Claire Scott
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 3, 1999
Date of Death January 4, 2013
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Nationality American
Hometown Orange County, California
Dance Studio OCPAA
Parents Julia Scott and Ryan Scott
Siblings Lilian Scott and Jordan Scott
Friends Mackenzie Ziegler
Brynn Rumfallo
Autumn Miller
Pets Lulu (dog)
Nicknames CC
Claire Scott was young dancer who died at age 14 is a car crash on the way back from a dance competition. She had just won first overall. She Won many awards and titles before her death. She was a dancer at OCPAA and loved it very much there. Some of her best friends were Mackenzie Ziegler and Brynn Rumfallo. She was also very close to Autumn Miller. She went on Pointe at the age of 9 and started competing at the age of 4. Her record for pirouettes was 13 in a row. She record for pirouettes on pointe was 5 in a row.she was known for her leaps though. Everyone knows Maddie Ziegler’s Signature leap but Claire could do that just as good as her if not better. She was also very good at tumbling. She started dance at age 1. She guest starred on one episode of dance moms. She wasn’t really guesting you could just see her in the background and she said A few things. Her death was on January 4, 2013 These are just a few of her solos.
Solo name Competition Place
Masterpiece Starbound 5th overall
The diary NUVO 1st overall
The secret garden Starquest 2nd overall