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Ava Michelle Cota

Gender Female
Age 22
Birthdate April 10, 2002
Nationality American
Hometown Fenton, Michigan
Height 6'1"
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
School Grade Class of 2020
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Affiliations Wilhelmina Models
Identified Clothing
Dance Studios Abby Lee Dance Company (formerly)
Candy Apples Dance Center (formerly)
JC's Broadway Dance Academy
Titles see below
Friends and Family
Parents Jeanette Cota (mother)
Rick Cota (father)
Siblings Devon Cota (brother)
Friends Tea Adamson
Kamryn Beck
Chloe Berbas
Nina Candela
Jade Cloud
Mari Dudash
Nia Frazier
Haley Huelsman
Kerrynton Jones
Chloe Lukasiak
Sarah Reasons
Ashtin Roth
Brynn Rumfallo
Chloe Smith
Kendall Vertes
Elliana Walmsley
Tessa Wilkinson
Mackenzie Ziegler
Maddie Ziegler
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Nicknames Ava Michelle

Ava Michelle Cota (born on April 10, 2002) is a young model/actress/singer/dancer who starred in Lifetime's hit reality show Dance Moms as part of Abby Lee Dance Company's Junior Select Ensemble Team, however she was expelled from the team at the end of season 4 and joined the Candy Apples. Outside of Dance Moms she attends JC's Broadway Dance Academy, owned by her mother Jeanette in Fenton, Michigan. Ava made further appearances on during season 5 of the show as a member of the competition team at this studio. The BDA studio has since been closed in 2017 when the family moved to California.

In January 2016, Ava auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation. Her appearance was televised on the show's season premiere. She did not make it past the Academy round.

Ava was cast in the title role of Tall Girl, a new comedy film for Netflix.

Ava and her Mom started a new clothing company called Identified Clothing on behalf of her late brother, Devon who passed away due to fentanyl. They even started a foundation in his honor and to raise awareness on fentanyl usage.

Dances[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Solos[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Competition Place Awards
2010 Papa Lyrical Nexstar (Detroit) 1st in 8 & Under Solos
2011 Rory's Song Lyrical StarQuest (Detroit) 1st in Petite Solos
2011-2 Amazing Grace Lyrical National American Miss Pageant 2011 entered
VIP (Lake Orion) 1st Place
2012 My Story unknown In10sity (Detroit) 1st in Elite Junior Solos
Papa Lyrical On Point unknown scoring
Nexstar (Detroit) 1st in 9-11 Solos
2013 Dedication to Sandy Hook Lyrical NextLevel (Lansing) 1st in Junior Solos
KAR (Detroit) 1st in Secondary 9-11 Solos
In10sity (Detroit) 4th in Elite Junior Solos
The Prayer Lyrical WILD (Detroit) unknown scoring
Energy (Highland) 1st in Junior Solos
NUVO (Dearborn) 2nd in Mini Solos
This is the Life Jazz WILD (Detroit) unknown scoring
Yesterday Lyrical Believe (Sandusky) 4th in Elite Junior Solos
2014 Drizzle Contemporary Believe (Woodbridge) 3rd in Power 9-11 Solos
Eden Lyrical Energy (Waterford) 2nd in Junior Solos
2nd in Solos
Halo Lyrical Starpower (Detroit) 1st in Power 9-11 Solos
JUMP (Dearborn) 3rd in Junior Solos
I Won't Give Up Lyrical Nexstar (Detroit) 1st in 12 & Under Solos
Sweet Revenge Lyrical In10sity Invitational Nationals (Calabasas) 3rd in Junior Solos
10th in Solos
2015 Hurtful Words Lyrical Starbound (Butler) 1st in Teen Solos
Not About Angels Lyrical NYCDA (Lansing) 4th in Junior Solos
On My Way Lyrical Energy (Detroit) 2nd in Junior Solos
3rd in Solos
Platinum Award
Shine on Me Lyrical NYDE (Philadelphia) 1st in 11-12 Solos
Praying Mantis Contemporary Xpression (Phoenix) 4th in Teen Solos
5th in Solos
The Myth of a Mermaid Contemporary Centerstage Nationals (Lancaster) 1st in Junior Solos
Energy Nationals 1st in Power Teen Solos
Unsolved Mystery Contemporary Energy Nationals 1st in Power Teen Solos
2016 Cynthia Contemporary N/A N/A
Strange Fruit unknown genre KAR (Detroit) 2nd in Intermediate 9-11 Solos
With You unknown genre KAR (Detroit) 1st Runner-Up for Miss Junior Dance

Duets[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Other Dancer Competition Place Awards
2014 Birds of a Feather Acrobatic Sarah Reasons Energy (Youngstown) unknown scoring
2017 Under Your Skin Open Haley Huelsman Fierce (San Diego) 3rd in Teen Duet/Trios

Groups[edit | hide | edit source]

with Abby Lee Dance Company[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Other Dancers Competition Place Awards
2014 The Good Life Contemporary Tea Adamson
Kamryn Beck
Jade Cloud
Sarah Reasons
Maddie Ziegler
Energy (Youngstown) 1st in Junior Small Groups
The Rapture Contemporary Tea Adamson
Kamryn Beck
Jade Cloud
Sarah Hunt
Sarah Reasons
Sheer Talent (Wheeling) 1st in Preteen Groups
First Ladies Contemporary Tea Adamson
Kamryn Beck
Jade Cloud
Chloe Lukasiak
Sarah Reasons
Believe (Woodbridge) 1st in Power 9-11 Small Groups

with Candy Apples Dance Center[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Other Dancers Competition Place Awards
2017 Abduction Contemporary Haley Huelsman
Tara Johnson
Chloe Smith
Vivi-Anne Stein
Lennon Torres
Starbound Nationals (Asbury Park) 4th in Teen Groups
Build a Wall Contemporary Haley Huelsman
Tara Johnson
Chloe Smith
Nicaya Wiley
Sheer Talent (Wheeling) 2nd in Teen Groups
I'm Back... I'm Your Worst Nightmare Contemporary Haley Huelsman
Tara Johnson
Nicaya Wiley
Fierce (San Diego) 3rd in Groups
My One Lyrical Haley Huelsman
Tara Johnson
Vivi-Anne Stein
Madeline Underwood
Nicaya Wiley
NYDE (Dublin) did not place

with JC's Broadway Dance Academy[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Other Dancers Competition Place Awards
2015 D-Town Hip Hop Chloe Berbas
Nina Canbela
Mari Dudash
Kerrynton Jones
Starbound (Butler) did not place
Famous Infamous Contemporary Haley Huelsman
Ashtin Roth
Chloe Smith
Tessa Wilkinson
Xpression (Phoenix) 3rd in Teen Groups
Moving Target Open Haley Huelsman
Ashtin Roth
Chloe Smith
Tessa Wilkinson
Centerstage Nationals (Lancaster) 1st in Teen Groups
1st in Groups
The Challenge Lyrical Chloe Berbas
Nina Canbela
and other dancers
Energy (Detroit) 2nd in Junior Groups
2016 Run, Run, Run Lyrical Haley Huelsman
Ashtin Roth
Chloe Smith
Tessa Wilkinson
NYDE (Escondido) 1st in Senior Groups
The Waiting Room Contemporary Haley Huelsman
Gavin Morales
McKenzie Morales
Ashtin Roth
Chloe Smith
Tessa Wilkinson
Sheer Talent (Los Angeles) 2nd in Teen Groups

Dance Titles[edit | hide | edit source]

  • Regional Petite Miss Dance KAR 2011
  • Regional JUMP Mini Female VIP 2013
  • Regional NUVO Mini Female Breakout Artist 2013
  • Regional Junior Miss Energy 2013
  • Regional Junior Miss Dance KAR 2013
  • Regional Junior Miss NextLevel 2013
  • Regional 24/SEVEN Junior Female Nonstop Dancer 2014
  • Regional NYCDA Junior Female Outstanding Dancer 2015
  • National Junior Miss Center Stage 2015

Runner Up Titles[edit | hide | edit source]

  • 1st Runner-Up for Regional Miss Junior Dance KAR 2016

Pageant Titles[edit | hide | edit source]

  • National American Miss Talent 2011

Personal Life[edit | hide | edit source]

Ava is currently dating Bryan Pearn.

Fun Facts[edit | hide | edit source]

  • Ava competed at 3 different competitions as a member of the Abby Lee Dance Company's junior select ensemble competition team.
  • Ava competed one solo under the Abby Lee Dance Company name and competed three against the ALDC on the show.
  • Ava and her mother have been stalking the ALDC at most of their competitions for years, according to the original team's moms.
  • In reference to the last bullet point, Jeanette recently admitted that she has shown up at a lot of ALDC events and competitions in the past, but only because Abby invited her there.
  • Ava's solos "Hurtful Words" and "Praying Mantis" are aimed towards Abby. During Ava's time at the ALDC, she was deeply hurt by the things Abby said to her. Abby once called her too tall and said her long arms made her look like a praying mantis (which inspired the name of the second solo).
  • Ava's favorite dance styles are hip hop and contemporary (as of June 2015).
  • Ava is a straight-A student.
  • Ava started dancing at another studio when she was 2 years old and moved to her mother's dance studio when she was 3 years old after it opened.
  • In 2015, it was reported that Ava was training about 30 hours per week (with some of the training occurring at BDA and some with a separate ballet teacher).

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