Asia Monet Ray

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Asia Monet Ray

Gender Female
Age 18
Birthdate August 10, 2005
Nationality American
Hometown Corona, California
Height 5'4"
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
School Grade 12th (23/24)
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Ice Skater
Affiliations Bloc LA
Dance Studios Abby Lee Dance Company
Just Plain Dancin'
Orange County Performing Arts Academy
Titles see below
Friends and Family
Parents Kristie Ray (mother)
Shawn Ray (father)
Siblings Bella Blu Ray (sister)
Friends Aleena Aoun
Ava Cota
Nia Frazier
Bailey Gomez
Kalani Hilliker
Brooke Hyland
Paige Hyland
Jordyn Jones
Sophia Lucia
Chloe Lukasiak
Autumn Miller
JoJo Siwa
Ruby Rose Turner
Mackenzie Ziegler
Maddie Ziegler
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Asia Monet Ray (born on August 10, 2005) is a personality/entertainer from California. Asia's been dancing since she was two years old; but at five years old, that's when she started to shine. Asia Monet made her debut on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. She was the youngest dancer at the age of 6 years and was a fan and judge favorite. She finished in third place. Then she appeared on Abby's other show Dance Moms. She was only seen in season three but did made a cameo in the Girl Talk episode in season four. After she left the show, Asia starred in her own reality TV series called Raising Asia, to which she starred with her family. Asia has since received many opportunities, getting offered to do TV shows, make her own album and what not.



Year Dance Name Dance Style Competition Place Awards
2010 I'm a Big Girl Now Jazz
2011 P.Y.T. Jazz Rainbow (Upland) did not place
Spotlight Dance Cup 1st in Petite Solos
iHollywood (Los Angeles) 1st in Petite Rising Star Solos
KAR (Redondo Beach) 1st in Primary 8 & Under Solos
Rainbow (Ontario) 1st in Elite Starz 8 & Under Solos
Starpower Nationals (Las Vegas) 1st in Power 8 & Under Solos
Hall of Fame (Ontario) 3rd in Future Hall of Famer Solos
Starpower (Upland) 3rd in Power 8 & Under Solos
2012 Control Jazz Rainbow (Las Vegas) did not place
Countdown (Fallbrook) 1st in Mini Solos
KAR (Claremont) 1st in Secondary 8 & Under Solos
PrimeTime 1st in Petite Solos
Rainbow (Claremont) 2nd in Rising Starz 8 & Under Solos
Starpower (Las Vegas) 2nd in Power 8 & Under Solos
We Run This Hip Hop
2013 Land of Fruits and Nuts Calypso
Lightning Jazz Believe (Sundusky) 1st in Power 8 & Under Solos
Ready for War Jazz Powerhouse (Philadelphia) 1st in Petite Solos
Rock That Jazz Energy (Highland) 1st in Petite Solos
The Flamingo Jazz Powerhouse (Las Vegas) 1st in Petite Solos
The Robot Jazz Masters of Dance Arts (Bernardsville) 1st in Petite Solos
Too Hot to Handle Jazz Masters of Dance Arts (Fort Wayne) 1st in Petite Solos


Year Dance Name Dance Style Other Dancer Competition Place Awards
2011 Troublemaker Jazz Little PSY
2013 Move U 2 Jazz Nia Frazier Energy (Youngstown) 1st in Petite Duet/Trios
My Doll Contemporary Chloe Lukasiak In10Sity (Buffalo) 2nd in Junior Duet/Trios
We Hit Harder Acrobatic Jazz Mackenzie Ziegler Masters of Dance Arts (Charleston) 1st in Petite Duet/Trios


Year Dance Name Dance Style Other Dancers Competition Place Awards
2011 Whip My Hair Jazz Aleena Aoun
Kaitlyn Romero
Starpower (Las Vegas) 1st in Power 8 & Under Duet/Trios



Year Title Role Notes
2012 Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition Herself
2013 Dance Moms Herself
2014 Raising Asia Herself
2016 Major Crimes Youth Singer #3
2016 American Crime Story Sydney Simpson
2016 Grey's Anatomy Jasmine


Year Title Role Notes
2015 Sister Code Young Lexi

Music Videos

Year Title Role Notes
2014 Christmas Time Herself
2016 I'll Show You Herself
2017 Come Along Herself
2018 Hey Girl Herself

Dance Titles

  • Regional Petite Miss Dance KAR 2011 with "P.Y.T."
  • Regional Petite Miss Spotlight 2011
  • National Petite Miss Dance KAR 2011
  • National Petite Miss Starpower 2011
  • Regional Petite Rainbow Rising Starz DOY 2012 with "Control"
  • Regional Petite Miss Starpower 2012
  • Regional Petite Miss Energy 2013

Runner-Up Titles

  • 1st runner up for Regional Petite Miss Dance KAR 2012 with "Control"
  • 1st runner up for National Petite Miss Starpower 2012

Fun Facts

  • Asia is of African American, Mexican and Filipino descent.
  • Asia used to be in ice skating when she was younger.
  • Asia is homeschooled.
  • Asia's favorite school subjects are reading & art.
  • Asia's younger sister, Bella Blu is active in gymnastics.
  • Asia's favorite styles of dance to perform are hip-hop, funk and jazz.
  • Asia's father, Shawn was a bodybuilder.
  • Asia's mother, Kristie was also a bodybuilder along with being a certified paramedic and owning a skin care salon.
  • Asia has known Sophia Lucia since she was 2 years old & Sophia calls Asia her "little diva."

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