Amanda Carbajales

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Amanda Carbajales

Gender Female
Age 24
Birthdate December 20, 1999
Nationality American
Hometown Miami, Florida
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Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
School Grade Class of 2018
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Affiliations Clear Talent Group
Dance Studios Dance Town
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Friends and Family
Parents Mayelin Carbajales (mother)
Siblings {{{siblings}}}
Friends D'Angelo Castro
Ruby Castro
Camila Schwarz
Asia Monet Ray
Eva Igo
Diana Pombo
Brianna Haire
Madison O'Connor
Chloe Mihacevich
Lainey Mihacevich
Madeline Mihacevich
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Amanda Carbajales (born on December 20, 2000 in Miami, Florida) is a young dancer from Florida who trained at Dance Town in Miami. She graduated from New World School of the Arts in 2018.

Amanda competed in several television dance competition shows, mostly with her partner D'Angelo Castro, brother of fellow dancer & TV dance contestant Ruby Castro. The first was on Paula Abdul's Live to Dance on CBS, where she & D'Angelo made it all the way to the end, winning "best dance act in america" and won $500,000. Their win was never televised, because it was canceled early. The second was Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition where she got eliminated, before she made it the finals. Later, she competed on two competition shows for NBC. The first was America's Got Talent, where they competed against Ruby & Jonas and made it to the top 12. The other was World of Dance where they didn't get quite as far, having been eliminated in the Duels Round by losing to The Mihacevich Sisters.

Dances[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Solos[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Competition Place Awards
2008 The Prayer Hall of Fame (Boca Raton) 3rd in Future Hall of Famer
2011 With or Without You Showstopper (Fort Lauderdale) 1st in Junior Solos
Crystal Award
Like a Prayer Showstopper (Fort Lauderdale)
2012 Tango Lady Open The Dance Awards 9th in Junior Solos
2016 Seduces Me Specialty The Dance Awards

Duets[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Other Dancer Competition Place Awards
2011 Live to Tango D'Angelo Castro Showstopper (Fort Lauderdale) 1st in Junior Duets/Trios
Crystal Award
2016 Love Runs Out Specialty D'Angelo Castro PrimeTime (Fort Lauderdale)

Groups[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Dance Name Dance Style Other Dancers Competition Place Awards
2012 Air Lyrical D'Angelo Castro
Diana Infantas
Anarella Lopez
Nicole Rodriguez
Camila Schwarz
Emily Valencia
The Dance Awards 4th in Mini Groups
Chaplin Contemporary D'Angelo Castro
and other dancers
The Dance Awards 3rd in Junior Line
Ballroom Girls Specialty Dance Town Dancers The Dance Awards 3rd in Teen Line
2013 With or Without You Lyrical Dance Town Dancers Hall of Fame Challenge
King of Swing Musical Theatre Dance Town Dancers The Dance Awards 1st in Junior Groups
Enough is Enough Jazz Ruby Castro
D'Angelo Castro
and other dancers
The Dance Awards 1st in Mini Extended Line
Ballroom Mania Specialty Ruby Castro
D'Angelo Castro
and other dancers
The Dance Awards 1st in Teen Extended Line

World of Dance[edit | hide | edit source]

Ne-Yo 90
Jennifer Lopez 88
Derek Hough 87
Duels Round
D'Angelo & Amanda 78.7
The Mihacevich Sisters 81

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