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Alex Biery (born in 2002/3) is a male dancer at Abby Lee Dance Company; he most often performs with the former minis/now juniors.

Dances[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Solos[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Dance Title Dance Style Competition Dance Awards
2013 Up a Lazy River Tap Onstage New York (Pittsburgh) did not place
2014 Dancin' Fool Tap Sheer Talent (Pittsburgh) did not place
Sheer Talent (Las Vegas) did not place
WCDE (Rockville) did not place
2015 Jumpin’ Jive Tap Fire and Ice (Pittsburgh) did not place
Onstage New York (Pittsburgh) did not place
Sheer talent Nationals (Foxwoods) 4th in Age Teen Male Solos

Groups[edit | edit source | hide]

I kissed a boy - Jazz (2011) (with Mackenzie Ziegler, Brooke Kosinski, Nia Frazier)

Little Red - tap (2013)

Cotton Eyed Joe - Specialty (2013) (with Mackenzie Ziegler, Brooke Kosinski, Sammie Lenzi)

Break In-Hip Hop (2013) (with Mackenzie Ziegler, Brooke Kosinski, Sarah Hunt, Sammie Lenzi, Keara Sweeney, Anastasia Rose, Haley Vroljik)

Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Backseat - musical theatre (2014)

That's Amore - Ballet (2015) (with Mackenzie Ziegler, Brooke Kosinski)

Make Way - hip hop (2015) (with Mackenzie Ziegler, Brooke Kosinski, Sarah Hunt)

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